Sep 3 2015

New at U Street: SandBell Saturdays!

Find out why SandBell Saturdays are one of the most intense workouts you’ll experience! VIDA Master Trainer Jesse Johnson has designed a dynamic, hot new routine that will work every muscle in your body and have your lungs gasping for air! Jump into a new workout intensity as you learn to slam, toss, swing, twist…more

Sep 1 2015

New Specialty Workshops Coming to the Yards!

Krav Maga: 9/20 1-3pm Self defense skills are valuable assets to have, and practicing them also gives you a great workout! We’re excited to launch our brand new Krav Maga Self Defense program next month lead by experienced martial arts and yoga instructors Angela Meyer & Chris Torres. Angela and Chris teach at the Budokon…more

Sep 1 2015

Try Your First Group Fitness Class!

You’ve probably heard the loud music, felt the high energy vibes and witnessed the sweat-drenched people emerging from our fitness studios if you work out regularly at VIDA. If you’re one of the people who has heard about how much fun (and effective) our classes are but haven’t tried one yet, this message is for you! Next Sunday…more

Aug 31 2015

Power Up Your Workouts With Our Brand New Program: VIDA PX!

Looking for a way to really power up your workouts? Our new small group training program designed by VIDA personal trainer Gene Sun at Verizon is interval training at its finest. If you love Xtreme, HIIT, Circuit, or any other type of interval training class, let us introduce you to VIDA’s hottest new workout: VIDA…more

Aug 30 2015

New Rowing Program at Metropole!

We’d like to start by welcoming new trainer Kyle Suib to the VIDA personal training family here at Metropole! Kyle joins us from the University of Delaware, where he was on the Crew Team and has continued to compete in rowing, triathlons, Crossfit and DC Flag Football of course! “In middle school I was always…more