Sep 29 2015

After The Baby Bootcamp: Fun & Fitness for New Moms

For new moms, balancing caring for a newborn and trying to get back into the swing of a regular workout schedule can be challenging. Your body has gone through some significant changes since your pre-baby size, and you probably won’t be able to jump right into the same level of intensity of workouts that you…more

Sep 25 2015

Spicing Up Our U Street Team: Meet Adriana Sanchez!

There’s a new face around our U Street location, and you’ve probably seen her firing up a group of early morning RX participants or leading a spin class or two. Her name is Adriana Sanchez, and she’s our new Group Fitness Manager at U Street! Adriana has been with us for a little over a…more

Sep 17 2015

Stay Focused On Fitness this Fall at VIDA!

Did you know the average person gains 9 lbs over the holidays? With the combination of indulgent holiday dinners, colder weather and back to back holiday parties, it’s easy to let your health and fitness regimen slide a little during this time of year. However, this Fall at VIDA Fitness we’re fighting back! Our goal…more

Sep 15 2015

New 6-Week Cardio Barre Challenge at City Vista!

Mix your Cardio & Barre together in this hot new program at City Vista! The Cardio Barre Challenge is a full body-toning, 55-minute high-energy strength & cardio exercise routine that fuses dance-inspired barre work & light weights with continual fat burning motion to sculpt lean muscle, strengthen the core, and boost your weight loss potential!…more

Sep 11 2015

VIDAWorld2015: The Winners!

You guys have been traveling the world all summer (we’re totally jealous,) and snapping the selfies to show it. Our #VIDAWorld2015 contest ran from Memorial Day through Labor Day this year and received dozens of VIDA members posing, jumping, flexing and smiling on nearly every continent (we were just missing Antarctica!) The rules were simple:…more