Nov 24 2015

Work Out Smarter with a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor

You know you’re sweating buckets and can feel your heart pumping like crazy, but do you know if you’re functioning in an aerobic or anaerobic zone, or what percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re using? Most likely not, since it’s impossible to guess this information without the use of a device monitoring your heart…more

Nov 16 2015

VIDA Personal Trainer Everett Shipmon On Benefits of Massage

Most personal trainers will tell you that consistent weight training plus eating a clean, balanced diet is the surefire way to build strong, lean muscles. They’re right, but VIDA Renaissance personal trainer Everett Shipmon has another secret ingredient to building a sexy physique – regular sports massages from Aura spa! Everett has been personal training…more

Nov 12 2015

Tips for Unplugging for a Happier and Healthier Holiday Season

By: Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Even if you’re someone who loves the holiday season, there’s usually a touch of stress that comes along with all the joyous decor and catchy Christmas music. You’re wondering when you’ll find the time to shop and wrap gifts, you’re worried about whose holiday party you’re going to go to,…more

Nov 6 2015

Tips to Keep You From Gobbling and Wobbling this Holiday Season

Tips to Keep You From Gobbling and Wobbling this Holiday Season

Nov 3 2015

Studio Upgrades at U Street

We have a lot of exciting changes on the horizon at VIDA Fitness U Street! As you may have noticed, we’re totally redesigning our cycle studio to dramatically enhance your class experience. We’re introducing a top of the line lighting and sound system that will get you ‘in the zone’ like never before, plus installing…more