Oct 31 2013

VIDA Fitness Renaissance Member Marathon Fundraiser!

The following story comes to us from VIDA Fitness Renaissance Member Norrisa Tworkowski. With the help of VIDA Fitness Personal Trainer Lucianne G, Norissa ran in the Marine Corps Marathon/10K and was part of a team that raised a staggering $247,000 for cancer research.


Limping across the finish line…but I am reminded that I have legs after the heartbreaking moment of watching those double-amputees and the triple-amputee (below) persevering throughout the marathon.

My DC team raised almost $247,000 for the Marine Corps Marathon/10K with a combined total for DC of more than half a million dollars. Some competed at Baltimore and San Francisco–all toward finding a cure for cancers.

All went well except for the stinging leg cramp I got just a few yards to the finish line–which was atop a hill at the IWO JIMA monument. Thanks to the Marines for their encouragement and enthusiasm as they shouted, “come on, you got this far you can’t give up!” I even heard several boot-camp-like shouts of “move it!” Awesome Marines! Oorah!

My shameless account as to what followed next: I have been free of asthma attacks for several years but one came on (exercise-induced and not full blown) right before I crossed the finish line. To make a long story short, I was immediately approached by several well-trained-eyes Marines (doctors). They took me to the medical tent–of course, they were well prepared. At least 12 of them just fussed and fawned over me. One noticed my shoe laces were a bit loose and immediately two of them got on their knees–one on each side–to tie them. I couldn’t restrain laughter. I even got a little neck and shoulder massage. Shucks, I didn’t get his name. LOL!
Am I going back next year? Um…I will have to fake something…

A big thanks–again to all my supporters! This was truly a life changing event for me! My first 10K and 2nd race for the year–previously a 5K.

Oh, how I appreciate those grueling core workouts! I don’t believe I would’ve made it through any race without Luci’s superb training!

Thanks, Lucianne! Thanks, Vida!


P.S. My time for the 10K– “1:36:45”. It was all about finishing. I was faster than the rest of my team except for one guy who came in at 1:34 (and he has competed multiple times). OORAH!!!

Bravo Zulu!

Oct 21 2013

7 Upcoming Washington D.C. Area Races Organized by Local Businesses and Nonprofits

Fall is an important time of year for races in Washington D.C. This coming weekend is the Army 10-miler and the Marine Corps Marathon is scheduled for the week after – if Congress can put an end to the shutdown.

Flying a little more under the radar are a host of smaller events organized by local businesses and nonprofits.

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Oct 9 2013

Cycling into Ironman Triathlons

By Michael Sliwa

article-1During the past two years my wife Bethann and I competed in 2 Ironman and 5 Ironman 70.3 (Half-Ironman) triathlon races. Recently, we completed Ironman France, which boasts the most difficult bike course of any Ironman in the world as its climb through the Alps results in 8,000 ft. of “elevation gain.” Competing in some of the world’s most challenging triathlon races didn’t come easy. What started as slow and easy training sessions to check an item on our “bucket list” blossomed into an amazing hobby and opportunity to travel the world and compete. We certainly did not realize when we started riding spin bikes we would travel to Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Europe to race.

article-2What makes our training unique is 90% of our bike training was on Keiser bikes at VIDA. The pedal resistance is based on magnetic force vice spring tension for consistency and accuracy. In addition, the bike computer offers gear levels, watts, and RPM/cadence. The Keiser frame is also easily adjustable to match our triathlon racing bike angles/measurements to avoid injury and develop specific muscles. Developing a riding plan to replicate a race course or outdoor ride is easy to do, including climbs and descents.

What does this mean to you? It means VIDA offers an opportunity to effectively train indoors to save time with a busy work schedule and mitigate the dangers of outdoor cycling without compromising the quality of outdoor bike training. The quality of the bike workouts speak for themselves, we were able to train 100% using VIDA’s bikes for Ironman 70.3 Singapore, without an outdoor ride.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding bike training using VIDA’s Keiser bikes or triathlon training.


Oct 8 2013

Aura Spa opens on U Street NW

The final piece of the VIDA Fitness project at 1612 U St. NW was completed Thursday with the grand opening of Aura Spa, a 5,000 square foot day spa attached to sister spots VIDA, Bang Salon and the Penthouse Pool Club.

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