Mar 3 2014

Vida Fitness trainer Jeff Horowitz is Ethiopia Marathon’s race director

Vida Fitness personal trainer and running coach Jeff Horowitz has signed on as the race director for the Ethiopia Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K to benefit HIV orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Jeff has run over 170 marathons around the world, and has been involved with race management for over 5 years.  He became involved when Ethiopian national and DC-based businessman Bereket Waldu approached him with an idea for finding a way to
help these impovershed children and to bring attention to their plight.


Mar 1 2014

VIDA Fitness Personal Trainer Highlight – Craig Davenport

personal-trainerTell us about yourself.

As a graduate with a degree in nutrition, I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to combine that with other health aspects and make it part of an entire wellness program. Since then I have been personal training for 10 years at various local gyms emphasizing fitness and the importance of proper nutrition.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer to help individuals reach a certain fitness level whether it be fitness development from someone just starting to work out, or helping someone to maintain and improve their current fitness level. I also enjoy helping a person improve their fitness level to the point that they have literally experienced changes in their lives be it physically, professionally, or socially!

Exercise tip.

My exercise tip would be a very general one. Start small with what feels comfortable for you and gradually increase the movement or weight accordingly. And the most important aspect of any exercise is the proper FORM!

Nutrition tip.

A very general nutrition tip is to eat small meals throughout the day and keep the meals full of variety. It is better that the body not be taken through series of drastic dietary changes and should stick closer to a recommended well balanced meal plan.

Tell us about one of your success stories.

One success story is form a client who I’ve trained for 3 years. She has worked through a series of challenges including law school at night and several ankle surgeries to repair a displaced tendon. She was so determined to continue with her training that each time following surgery, as soon as her doctor gave her the ok to begin working out we did and we would modify exercises to take stress off of the surgically repaired ankle which included exercises with one foot elevated or standing on one leg, which has really improved her balance. As of now she has lost 75 pounds and is on her way to reaching her goal of another 30 pounds lost!