Apr 4 2014

Spring Fitness Fever at VIDA

By Danielle Michels

Although it seemed like winter would never end, alas it is springtime! We can finally run outside comfortably, work off those winter pounds and get some fresh air.

springfeverSince you’re probably itching to be basking in the sun, and looking damn good in your swimwear while you’re at it, here are some fun ways to get beach body (or Penthouse Pool) ready with VIDA Fitness this spring.

Sign up for a race – Set the goal to complete a 5K, half or a full marathon, and don’t push off signing up for it. Knowing you’re committed to participating is what will keep you motivated to train. Next step is mapping out a training schedule and finding group exercise classes like conditioning and yoga that you can add in for days that you’re not logging mileage or hitting the pavement. Cross training is key to providing your body variation and rest from your main element of training as well as improving your overall performance come race time.

Enroll in boot camp – Boot camp is a great way to get outside while still enjoying the community that comes with a group classes. Plus, you’ll have awesome trainers who are going to push you hard so you’re hitting your maximum potential and getting a good mix of cardio and strength training exercises. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a 3-days-a-week type of boot camper, this six-week program has several options to fit your schedule.

Do some nutritional spring cleaning – Cold weather diets often consist of hearty stews, deliciously crusty breads and creamy lattes, which are great for comfort during the harsh winter, but can cause some post-seasonal guilt. Then there’s brunch, wonderfully boozy and calorie-laden. The brunch battle rages on year-round. As our registered dietitian, Cat Taylor likes to say, “You can’t out train a bad diet.” If you need a little help getting back on track with eating right or incorporating nutrition as part of your training plan, contact Cat at to set up a complimentary nutritionFit.

Team up – Working out in the great outdoors is perfect for having your alone time to escape hectic schedules and to clear your mind, but one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable is through a teammate. Join one of the running groups at the various VIDA locations, or think about splitting personal training with a friend or coworker so you can cheer someone on and be cheered on in return. Having an accountability partner within the VIDA Fitness community is a surefire way to keep working toward your goals, and hitting them!

Apr 3 2014

VIDA Fitness Manager Team Building Exercises

VIDA Fitness management from each location and corporate got together this spring morning for our monthly team building session. The City Vista team organized an intense and highly competitive game of Heads-Up. It’s a lot of fun and a great group application. If you don’t already have this app on your iPhone, you should give a try!

City Vista


U Street


The Yards

Apr 2 2014

VIDA Trainer Liz Warner-Osborne places in her first fitness competition!

LizPhoto1Congratulations to VIDA U Street Personal Trainer Liz Warner-Osborne who recently placed 2nd in her very first fitness competition! On March 22, Liz competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC) Gladiator Competition at Goucher College in Baltimore. The day featured several divisions of fitness and body building for men and women, including women’s physique, where Liz competed. That division requires more muscle than in bikini, figure and fitness divisions but not as much as body building, though it features similar poses, Liz said.

“The entire experience, including all the prep work leading up to the actual day, was unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” Liz said. “I learned so much about the industry, different approaches to nutrition and training, and most importantly I learned a lot about myself.”

Liz added that she plans to compete again in June and already is very excited to begin that journey. “The support and interest I’ve received from coworkers, friends, and gym goers has been wonderful and motivating,” she said. “I can’t thank everyone enough!”