May 30 2014

U Street June Group Fitness Programs

Please email our Group Program Manager, Alexx Zamudio, at if you’d like to join us for any of the programs below.

Summer Weight Loss Challenge – 6 Week Program
WHEN: Beginning June 9th
Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Tuesdays at 6:30pm & Saturdays at 12 Noon

DETAILS: Dig your heels in and achieve your fitness goals for 2014 with VIDA’s Weight Loss Challenge. This integrative program includes elements of fitness, nutrition, and psychology to ensure that you have all the tools for success. Each team works cohesively in a group setting to shed the highest percentage of body fat.

Outdoor Boot Camp – 6 Week Program
WHEN: Beginning June 9th
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6:30am Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:45am, Saturdays at 8:30am

DETAILS: This outdoor cross-training adventure will work your entire body by going from one exercise to another without rest. Pushups, jumping jacks, and crunches are only the beginning of this powerful caloric burn. Reduce stress, lose fat, tone-up, and build confidence with your new Boot Camp buddies.

TRX – 6 Week Program
WHEN: Beginning June 16th
Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:00am, 1:00pm, 6:30pm, or 7:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30am or 7:00pm Wednesdays & Fridays at 6:30am Wednesdays at 5:30pm & Sundays at 10:30am Saturdays at 9:30am

DETAILS: Achieve your maximum potential using a variety of functional equipment in combination with the TRX straps. TRX training not only burns calories, it increases the RATE at which your body burns calories. We provide a fast-paced circuit of compound and functional exercises targeting all major muscle groups. Our goal is to improve your overall strength, balance, core, and cardiovascular fitness.

May 28 2014

Help Fight the Fitness Tax

The fitness tax is back. Under a budget proposal forged by Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) that will get an initial council vote today Wednesday, health clubs would be among the businesses now required to start collecting sales tax starting Jan. 1, 2015. The proposal was made public Tuesday night, giving council members and the public less than 18 hours to digest the proposal before an initial vote. Under this proposal VIDA Members will start paying a 5.75 percent sales tax on her class starting Jan. 1.

This will likely result in an increased cost in fitness-related services across the board.

If you’d like to voice your concerns to the Council Members, we’ve provided contact information below.

Chairmen Phil Mendelson:
(202) 724-8032

Jack Evans:
(202) 724-8058

David Cantania
(202) 724-7772

Kenyan McDuffie:
(202) 724-8028

Anita Bonds:
(202) 724-8064

Jim Graham:
(202) 724-8181

Mary Cheh:
(202) 724-8062

Muriel Bowser:
(202) 724-8052

David Grosso:
(202) 724-8105

Tommy Wells:
(202) 724-8072

Yvette Alexander:
(202) 724-8068

Marion Barry:
(202) 724-8045

Vincent Orange
(202) 724-8174

May 27 2014


posterSundeckLearn to love the burn! VIDA Fitness is making its Penthouse Pool Club a summer destination for everyone. Starting June 14, splash into the season with three original rooftop classes both offered on the Sundeck and in the Penthouse pool at VIDA Fitness’ U Street location at 1612 U Street, NW.

VIDA will kick each weekend into gear with Summer Sunrise, Skyline Ride or VIDA Splash every Saturday. These workout classes are available for both VIDA Fitness members and nonmembers with space limited to the first 30 participants per class. The Summer Sundeck & Pool

Classes include:

Summer Sunrise (60 minutes)

Start the morning energizing sun salutations and backbends. The class will cultivate heat from within and prepare you for the day ahead with a limber body and an open heart. Cost is $125 for all five classes or $30 for a single drop in rate.

Dates and times for Summer Sunrise are:

June 21 – 7:45 a.m.
July 19 – 7:45 a.m.
August 16 – 7:45 a.m.
September 13 – 7:45 a.m.
October 11 – 7:45 a.m.

Skyline Ride (60 minutes)

The intense interval-based spin class on the Sundeck will focus on muscular strength, power and endurance while enjoying the rhythmic ride. Cost is $125 for all five classes or $30 for a single drop in rate.

Dates and times for Skyline Ride are:

July 5 – 6:00 p.m.
August 2 – 6:00 p.m.
August 30 – 6:00 p.m.
September 27 – 6:00 p.m.
October 25 – 6:00 p.m.

VIDA Splash “Just Add Water and Shake” (60 minutes)

Splash into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise known as the Zumba Pool Party. This class gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout, which integrates the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines blending cardio-conditioning, and body toning. Cost is $250 for all 10 class or $30 for a single drop in rate.

Dates and times for VIDA Splash are:

June 14 – 8:00 a.m.
June 28 – 8:00 a.m.
July 12 – 8:00 a.m.
July 26 – 8:00 a.m.
August 9 – 8:00 a.m.
August 23 – 8:00 a.m.
September 6 – 8:00 a.m.
September 20 – 8:00 a.m.
October 4 – 8:00 a.m.
October 18 – 8:00 a.m.

May 20 2014

The Scoop on Post-workout Protein Supplements

By Danielle Michels
VIDA Fitness Blogger

protein scoopsThe options of post-workout protein supplements are endless, which can leave you feeling misguided on the best fit with your workout routine. Typically misguided information leads to not taking the protein that would be best for you, or not taking anything at all.
Don’t fret, we’re here to give you the scoop on all things protein: the main varieties as well as their benefits and purposes so you can get the most out of your workouts and the recovery process.


Even if your knowledge of protein is vague, this is most likely the one you’ve heard of. It’s relatively easy on the wallet, and is a good option for people wanting a little boost in the recovery process.

Essentially, whey is the watery portion of milk and comprises about 20 percent of milk’s proteins while casein comprises the other 80 percent (more on that in a minute). It’s a complete amino acid source with high levels of most essential amino acids, i.e. the proteins that the body cannot make on its own, and it absorbs quickly.

Clinical research shows that whey protein used in conjunction with strength training can increase lean body mass and muscle size (no worries, not to hulk-like proportions), however whey can be harder to digest for anyone with a dairy sensitivity. Whey protein mixed with water or coconut water is the most common way to take this supplement, but mixing whey protein in to a shake or smoothie is a bit of a tastier option. Keep in mind that the latter will have you consuming more calories; so just make sure the other additives are good for post-workout recovery.


Casein is the only other dairy protein and its properties are vastly different from whey, however its effects in terms of post-workout recovery are similar. Slow to absorb, casein typically gives your bloodstream a slow and steady flow of amino acids for 5 to 7 hours making it a good option for consuming in the evening.

Also, due to its slow absorbing nature, casein tends to be more gel-like, which is awesome if you like a supplement with a little more substance, but terrifying if texture freaks you out. Beyond it’s ability to be used in all those protein baked goods recipes you see on Pinterest, casein is higher in calcium, but will give you the same benefits as whey.


Before an image of a body builder cracking open a dozen eggs in to a blender and then taking a college-party like chug, let’s rewind. Egg protein is in powder form, and is completely safe to consume since there is a heat treatment process before the whites are dehydrated to make the powder.

Now that you know you won’t be getting salmonella, egg protein, or egg albumin, has a great amino acid profile making it an ideal way to add more protein to your diet, especially if you’re vegetarian or keep meat consumption low. While not a heavyweight in the protein world, egg albumin does assist in the building of lean muscle mass.


Don’t think we forgot our vegans out there, while egg and soy proteins are both great for vegetarians, soy protein is more ideal for those of the vegan variety. Also, it’s pretty inexpensive.

Soy protein’s benefits include being a good option both pre and post workout and aids in recovery with the help of glutamine and BCAA (branch chain amino acids). However, soy protein does contain other bioactive, for example estrogen-like properties, which may make some steer clear.

While these categories of protein cover a few of the main bases, this is just scratching the surface. More than anything, there is no right or wrong protein to go with, healthy bodies are made through consuming the right amount of protein through whole food sources and supplementing as needed.

For most people completing 3 to 5 hard workouts per week, supplemental proteins can be extremely beneficial, but as with any change in your diet or exercises routines please consult a professional.

Still need more information or have questions? Our registered dietician, Cat, is here to help!

May 19 2014

The Secret Way to Save on Health and Fitness

There’s one opportunity you may not be taking advantage of – and it could help you save money and lose weight at the same time.

It’s no secret that America has an obesity problem, but the U.S. is also one of the busiest nations in the world. Health is low on the priority list for many, and feeling too busy is one of the most common reasons people give for not working out, but it doesn’t have to be. Increasingly, employers are offering workplace wellness programs focused on fitness and obesity-reducing initiatives that can save employees time and money. Read the whole story on the US News and World Report Health Blog.

Corporate Wellness can pay dividends to organizations for many years with things like improved health, lower health care costs and fewer sick days to name a few. VIDA Fitness offers Corporate Wellness Programs. You can find out more about VIDA’s Corporate Wellness Programs by visiting our website.

May 16 2014

Tips for Working out during your Workday

By Danielle Michels
VIDA Fitness Blogger

Wellness in the WorkplaceThe workday versus workout dilemma goes a little something like this:

Would my 30 minutes in the morning be best for sleep when I‘m exhausted, or better used for exercise for prolonged energy through the day? I think I’ll snooze a couple minutes…

Or maybe you’re not a morning person, you’ve tried, but after work is much better for your schedule.

But wait, now I’m exhausted from a hectic day, hungry and friends I haven’t seen in awhile are meeting up after work. The margaritas and guacamole won’t count if I’m wearing lululemon will it?

Before you know it the last time you worked out was last week or the week before that, or last month. You catch my drift.

Instead of telling you how working out regularly will actually improve your workday productivity, mental and physical energy throughout the day and leave you happier overall…oops, guess we just told you.

Anyways, rather than waging war between workout versus workday, we want you to make working out a part of the workday.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Make Time Management your Workout Buddy

Instead of eating lunch in the break room or out, take two days a week to swap your lunch hour for a workout class or a quick strength or cardio session at the gym. This doesn’t mean nixing lunch (we definitely don’t want you doing that), but eating at your desk while you’re working a couple times a week will help with prioritizing your workout before your day is done and you’re ready to go home.

Make that mid-day time yours by blocking off your calendar from meetings or interruptions, keep your gym bag ready to go by your desk and utilize every minute. You don’t need the full hour to workout; just a solid thirty-minute no-lollygagging workout with the last 20 minutes of your break being used to rinse off and freshen up will make a colossal difference in your overall health. We dare you to try it.

To ensure even more success with this tip take the night before to prep your workout bag and lunch so that you don’t forget things in the morning that will slip you up and derail your plan.

Break up Your Day

We have all heard this tip before, but it’s amazing how much of a difference it can make in your activity level: take the stairs. Seriously, it does wonders when you spend most of your day sitting, which studies have shown is terrible for you.

Even if you work in a high rise building, get off the elevator a couple flights down from your floor and add one more floor to your climb every couple of weeks. Also going to the restroom a couple flights up or down from yours is a good way to fit in more stairs and leg movement, especially during the cold or extremely hot months.

However, now that the weather is comfortable again, taking five to ten minutes to walk around the block that your office is on is a good way to get fresh air and sunshine, and fit in more steps.

Office Challenges

Making your department or your office suite mates get active together is a great way to stay accountable. Have plank competitions and start at 30 seconds adding 10 seconds each day for a few weeks until you reach a one and a half to a two-minute planks. Or see how many push ups you can do in a minute versus a coworker.

Making it a group effort is something that will make mini-workouts fun instead of a chore and keep morale up during a long day. Even if all the people in your office don’t participate, just a couple people getting involved will make you feel less silly to get moving for a few minutes in your work clothes.

Get your boss on board: You may be thinking, “yeah, yeah, thanks for the tips, but good luck with getting my bosses approval with mid-day workouts and office challenges.”

But here’s our challenge to you: how do you know it’s okay until you ask? Being forthright with your boss and letting them know you’re looking to make some real change in your health and asking for their assistance with a little office leeway may go a lot further than you think.

Many companies are looking for ways to keep their employees healthier, but with budget always being a part of the conversation, managers face a lot of roadblocks with being able to provide real assistance with getting their employees active. Something they might not have thought of is allowing employees time during the day for workouts, and it’s a roadblock easily overcome, someone just needs to start the conversation.

If you’re curious on how to get your company or manager on board with workforce wellness talk to a VIDA membership consultant on how we can help. We here to be your healthy workplace resource, you just have to ask!

May 12 2014

Where to Relieve Stress at VIDA Fitness

By Danielle Michels
VIDA Fitness Blogger

Stress release.

Stress Release 1This term is thrown around a lot when describing the benefits of exercise, and not because it’s a trendy phrase to throw around, it’s actually true, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

I’ve always joked that I work out because therapy is too expensive, but in all seriousness it’s true. However a spin class, treadmill or weight bench isn’t the only place you can find stress release at VIDA, there are plenty of other stress release outlets just around the corner.

The Zen Spa

It’s hard to put in to words the benefits I’ve received from the Zen Spa.

Muscle relaxation from the steam room? Check. Breaking a good sweat in the sauna on my rest day from working out? Yes. Aiding my seasonal effective disorder with the infrared sauna? Please, and thank you.

Although you may not have 10 or 15 minutes to spare for hanging out in a sauna or steam room everyday, taking the time to indulge on days you’re not working or don’t have somewhere to be right away is amazing.

Due to the temperature or steamy environment of the room it’s an excellent place to unplug from your phone, close your eyes and do absolutely nothing while providing your body with some great detoxifying benefits.

Aura Spa

At our U Street, Renaissance, and Metropole locations we have an Aura Spa with a full menu of services including various types of massage, facials and body wraps to name a few.

While services aren’t included in membership, there are times we all need to treat ourselves whether we have a concrete reason or not. Plus, a gift card makes for a good suggestion when someone asks you what you want for your birthday.

Yoga Classes

The best thing about yoga is it’s acceptable for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, flexibility level, you name what you think your hang up might be and we promise it’s not valid, really.

The very core of what yoga is and what it means is a self-awareness of your own body’s capabilities and how your physicality is tied to your mentality as well as not comparing your own experience with yoga to some one else’s.

You’ll always hear yoga instructors thank the students of the class for sharing a part of your day with them and allowing them to lead you in your practice. That’s because yoga is totally on your own terms: you go as far as you want to go in a pose and focus on each breath you take and listen to your own body’s limitations.

Becoming self-aware and seeing how much your body is capable of progress through continued practice is an awesome way to relieve stress, and feel more self-confident!

The Penthouse Pool Lounge

With summer approaching everyone’s anxious to break out the swimsuits and get their tan on.

With a full bar and food menu, The Penthouse is a great place to gather with friends and socialize, or even just hang out by yourself with a good read and a drink. Taking the time to soak in some Vitamin D, swim a few leisurely laps and relax is great way to unwind after a workout or on an off day.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and news during the pool season, and with our Navy Yards location opening this year we’re betting there’s a lounge chair calling your name.

May 5 2014

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Eat Healthy to Feel Better

Eat foods that regulate blood sugar levels and lift your spirits. Research has shown that certain foods have the ability to boost your mood.

Fit in Fiber

To keep a stable mood, maintain your blood sugar levels. To do this you should eat foods that are slow to digest. Foods that are high in fiber such as beans, oats, brown rice, apples, and other fruits and vegetables are good choices.

Mix in Protein

Like fiber, protein can help you avoid blood sugar crashes. Some good sources of protein are chicken, fish, eggs, seeds and nuts, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese and milk, tofu, and peanut butter. Combining protein and carbohydrates will help slow digestion and help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Skip the Sugars

Avoid concentrated sources of simple sugars such as soft drinks, fruit juices, jellies and jams, syrups, and candy bars. These concentrated sources can cause radical spikes and subsequent drops in your blood sugar levels. The swings in blood sugar can leave you feeling tired and irritable.

Go for Fatty Acids

Omega-3s, the essential fatty acids found in walnuts, flaxseed, and cold-water fish, such as salmon, are known for their ability to boost heart health because they’re mild blood thinners.

“B” Happy

The B vitamins, including B6, B12, and folic acid, play a role in the production of brain chemicals that regulate your mood. Good food sources for many B vitamins include shellfish, poultry, eggs, low-fat yogurt, and fortified breakfast cereals. Folic acid in particular, is found mostly in leafy greens.

One “D” You Want

Vitamin D helps your brain produce mood-boosting chemicals. The best food sources of vitamin D are fortified dairy products — be sure to choose no-fat or low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt. Sunlight is also a good source of vitamin D, but limit your exposure to the sun to avoid skin cancer.

Don’t Skip Meals

Ideally, you should eat something healthy every four to five hours to keep your blood sugar stable. Healthy snack choices include a handful of almonds, carrot and celery sticks, or ready-to-eat whole grain cereals.

Eat Well, Be Happy

There’s no question that what you eat affects how you feel, and a healthy diet helps you feel better. The healthiest diet is one that emphasizes whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables and that includes lean protein and low-fat or no-fat dairy products. Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise, and you will find it helps your mood as well as your body.

May 2 2014

VIDA Fitness May Nutrition Challenge

It will take place via social media (Instagram and Facebook) and will go for 31 days (31 days in May). You must be a part of the picture to prove that they didn’t just repost a picture found on the internet, and use the hashtags #31daychallenge #vidafitnessdc

The incentive: with each post your name gets entered in the raffle to win a free month of membership.

May Nutrition Challenge

1.       Post a meal that resembles the My Plate Model: here are the guidelines to follow!

2.       How healthy is your breakfast? Remember, fiber & protein are the key nutrients at this meal! Post a pic!

3.       Have a snack using 2 or more food groups (Food groups: fruit, vegetable, grains, protein, dairy, oils)

4.       Pack your lunch and post a pic!

5.       Make a homemade burger using 95% lean ground beef & whole grain hamburger buns. Stick to healthy toppings: veggies, avocado, low fat cheese.

6.       Pair fruit with your favorite nut butter for a yummy & healthy snack!

7.       Make something using Greek yogurt. Here is one of my favorite Greek yogurt recipes!

8.       Post a meal that includes a lean source of protein.

9.       Get in your Omega 3’s 2 times today. Examples: salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, ground flaxseeds, walnuts.

10.   Get frozen yogurt & go healthy on the toppings. (Think fruit and non-candied nuts)

11.   Go whole-grain for the day. More posts: more entries to win the contest!

12.   Sub out cheese for avocado in one of your favorite meals. Why? Swap that saturated fat for monounsaturated fat! Heart Healthy Nutrition Therapy

13.   Top something with nuts (i.e. yogurt, salad, oatmeal)

14.   Use beans in 1 of your meals today. Bean benefits: excellent source of plant protein and nutrients like iron, zinc, fiber, folate, and potassium!

15.   Take a reusable water bottle to work today. Thirst is often mistaken as hunger!

16.   Have a post-workout snack high in protein and carbs, low in fat.

17.   Buy fresh produce today! (Tip: add sweet potatoes to the list to help with tomorrow’s challenge!)

18.   Iron up! Pair with vitamin C to maximize absorption. Post a pic of your creation!

19.   Make homemade sweet potato fries: Here’s how! Post a pic J

20.   Add a source of low-fat or non-fat dairy to two of your meals today! More posts: more entries to win the contest!

21.   Write down everything you eat and drink today, and post a pic!

22.   Try a dish with quinoa. Benefits: nutrient-dense option for gluten free diets, can reduce your risk of diabetes, keeps you full longer, a great source of complete protein!

23.   Make or order a kale smoothie. The Hulk at the FUEL Bar is a great choice!

24.   Make a healthy sandwich. Follow these basic principles for success!

25.   Make a homemade healthy brunch and post a pic! Here are some tips when brunching!

26.   Try a new food today!

27.   Post your favorite healthy snack bar! Look for fewer added sugars and saturated fats, more fruit sugars & healthy fats.

28.   Try veggies dipped in hummus instead of crackers or pretzels.

29.   Post a pic of you eating your favorite color in the form of a vegetable!

30.   Ever had a kale chip? Here’s how to make your own!

31.   Post a pic of your favorite smoothie with the recipe! Bonus points: post a health benefit of at least one of the ingredients.

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