Mar 31 2015

Class Spotlight: Zumba

Spring Fling Zumba with George, Tami, Jose, Karen & Eric!

Spring Fling Zumba with George, Tami, Jose, Karen & Eric!

In case you haven’t heard, Zumba is the dance-fitness phenomenon that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Described as “exercise in disguise,” Zumba delivers a fast-paced and fun cardio workout that leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated after an hour of heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance moves.

Zumba typically consists of Latin style dancing, though instructors have freedom to incorporate hip-hop and other modern styles into their routines as well. Here at VIDA, you can expect a good mix of salsa, hip-hop and pop songs in our Zumba classes – so no matter what your musical preference is you’re guaranteed to find a track you love!

On their website, Zumba claims to combine all elements of fitness (cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility) into a one hour workout that leaves you with tons of energy and your endorphins sky-high. This could not be more true – as the first Zumba class I did left me sweaty, out of breath and exhausted in the best way possible afterwards.

The class is broken down into a dozen or so 3-4 minute songs, each with a different style and choreography. Your instructor will demonstrate the moves for each track, and you’ll jump in and follow along. Many Zumba beginners say they worry about not being able to catch on to the moves and falling behind the rest of the class, but within the first few minutes you’ll be surprised at how easy the movements are to catch on to and how much fun you’re having! There’s no pressure to do everything perfectly the first time, so no worries if it takes you a few tries to get all the steps right. This class is all about having fun and enjoying the movements, not stressing about missing a beat or two!

A great thing about Zumba is that each track is different, so even if one is trickier than others, you’ll be moving on to new style in no more than a few minutes. It’s a great way to sample tons of different dancing styles at once – all while getting an awesome cardio workout (expect your heart rate to stay up the entire hour.)  The tracks combine both low-intensity and high-intensity moves in an interval style format that works your entire body and torches tons of calories.

Spring Fling Zumba with George, Tami, Jose, Karen & Eric!

Spring Fling Zumba with George, Tami, Jose, Karen & Eric!

VIDA offers a variety of Zumba classes at each of our locations. At Verizon you can choose between original Zumba or Zumba Step for those looking to target the lower body and really feel the burn in their legs and glutes.

Zumba is a great option for people of all fitness levels and those with or without a dance background. You’ll be having so much fun that the hour flies by, and it’s a much more effective and enjoyable way to get your cardio in versus watching the seconds tick by on a treadmill!

Mar 30 2015

Featured Instructor: Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez has been practicing yoga since 2009, when he moved to the U.S. from Argentina to start a new life chapter with his partner. He began to find himself drawn to the study of movement and started to develop a passion for yoga while working in the restaurant industry in Charlottesville, Va.

As an avid swimmer, hiker and seasonal runner, Santiago says he enjoys the different approach that yoga brings to fitness.

“I always like to open students’ minds that yoga is not a workout class, but rather it brings purpose and focus into your movements. Yoga integrates more than just the physical aspect, it will bring awareness into all aspects of your life if you allow it to,” he says.

Although he was already actively practicing yoga, Santiago credits the Charlottesville yoga community for really kick-starting his passion for teaching.

“I was surrounded by so many knowledgeable yoga teachers. They really had a great mindfulness of the practice and made me want to develop my practice more,” he says.

Santiago is currently in school for massage therapy at the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute and expects to receive his certification in the next six months (we hope to see him at Aura spa in the future!)

Massage and yoga, as it turn outs, complement each other pretty nicely.

“My knowledge of massage has definitely improved my yoga practice and vice versa. They are both healing arts and are closely tied into each other. They both build proprioceptive awareness (being aware of how your body is positioned in space) and how it moves and functions,” he explains.

Santiago has been teaching alignment yoga at City Vista for eight months and says that teaching in a gym rather than a yoga studio has been a new and exciting experience for him. He enjoys having new people in his classes that are trying yoga for the first time, and loves giving those who have been practicing for awhile a new approach to try.

Since starting to teach at VIDA, Santiago has started to add weight lifting into his own fitness routine three times a week, and feels that it is only making his yoga practice stronger.

“It’s nice to have yoga in the gym because then you get a number of disciplines all in one place. It’s good to integrate them all and try a hybrid of different things,” he says.

So what’s Santiago’s favorite yoga pose?

“Definitely downward dog – I call that my ‘Island pose’ because if I could only take one pose to an island with me it would be that one. You have the inversion, the forward fold, the back bend, and your feet are planted in a standing position so it covers a lot of bases. It’s very expansive and integrated,” he says.

Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez

When Santiago isn’t teaching or in school, he enjoys spending time with friends, reading a good book or trying new restaurants in the city! Asian and Italian foods are his weakness, he adds.

Santiago teaches alignment yoga at 6pm on Wednesdays at City Vista, and is always looking for new faces to join his class!

“No matter where you are in your yoga practice, it’s my pleasure to have them in class,” says Santiago.

Mar 28 2015

VIDA Featured Instructor: Luke Hudnall

Luke Hudnall

Luke Hudnall

You may recognize Luke Hudnall as the first smiling face you see when walking into our Verizon location. Or perhaps you’ve sweated your butt off with him in RX, cycle, MIT or RIP 30 – classes he teaches at Verizon, U Street, the Yards, Metropole and City Vista.

Although he has had an excellent experience as Front Desk Manager at Verizon for the past four years, Luke is planning to shift gears in the next couple months and expand his passion for teaching by moving to group fitness full time.

“At the front desk I was all about helping people discover what they were passionate about and what they wanted to turn into their career. For me, it’s time to explore my love for teaching and focus on that for a little while,” says Luke.

Luke started at VIDA four years ago after receiving his personal training certification and working at other gyms in the area. After a couple years he began to try out group fitness – starting with Pound Rockout, the musically driven full-body workout using Ripstix to create a beat while torching calories. He started teaching RX next, and has since added MIT, RIP 30 and cycle to his teaching schedule (all while managing the front desk at Verizon – you can say he keeps busy!)

His favorite thing about teaching? Getting to constantly switch gears and try new approaches.

“I love that you can always try something new as an instructor. If you get tired of one approach you can try something different. I love going to other instructors classes and experiencing their teaching styles,” he says.

As for his own teaching style – Luke has been described as “very happy” and “extremely peppy” by his students. He credits this to wanting to make sure his class-goers are having a great time, especially if they’re waking up at 6 a.m. just to come to his classes!

Luke HudnallLuke says that studying nutrition in school is what got him into fitness originally, though he has always been an avid biker and runner. He is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree online at Old Dominion University in
Public Health, a subject matter that compliments being a fitness instructor nicely.

“I’ve always liked fitness for a purpose. I like the energy of having all the people in my classes moving together and on the same page,” he says.

Luke has several other hobbies besides teaching, including baking and singing in a local church choir!

“I’m doing this bread challenge right now where I make a new type of bread every week. I like to explore with different wheats, grains, quinoa flour, etc. Right now I’m making my own sour dough starter, and I always make all the cupcakes and cookies for events at the front desk,” he adds with a laugh.

Luke will officially make the switch to teaching full time on May 1st, so if you’ve enjoyed his classes before, get ready to see a lot more of him in the group fitness studios! He also has his eye on TRX & Pilates Reformer as his next programs to add to his repertoire in the coming months – so stay tuned!

Mar 27 2015

Class Spotlight: VIDA RX

One of our most popular VIDA classes is VIDA RX – the barbell based workout that hits every major muscle group one at a time to musically driven choreography. This class is a favorite for our members for obvious reasons – you get a full body workout and are in and out in just an hour, a feat that would be difficult to accomplish working out on your own.

For those unfamiliar with the class, VIDA RX takes you through a full array of traditional strength training exercises in this order: squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, legs (again, I know) shoulders and core. For each track you’ll use a barbell with adjustable weight plates or dumbbells of your choice to complete 5-6 minutes of repetitions focusing on that muscle group alone.

VIDA RX instructor Luke Hudnall says it’s his favorite class to teach since it’s one of the only classes that use weights the entire time.

“I love that you’re not limited to just your body weight – you can continue to add more and do as much as you want. It’s the only class that gives you that option for the whole time,” says Luke.

This class is perfect for those new to weight training that need to learn proper lifting form and technique. The classroom setting is less intimidating than being out on the floor on your own, and it’s easy for first-timers to catch on to the movements by watching and learning from other class participants.

The low weight, high rep style of the class is also what makes VIDA RX a totally different experience than, say, doing squats on a Smith machine. Rather than maxing out on weight and doing a few reps with multiple breaks in between, you’re doing 5-6 minutes of reps with lower weights but no breaks. Your muscles will be just as (if not more) fatigued from that short amount of intense strength training than by spreading it out over half an hour on your own.

Luke agrees wholeheartedly that RX is the perfect class for people to really perfect their form as weightlifters, whether you’re just starting out or doing it every day.

“I always demonstrate proper form and try to cue preemptively exactly how to do an exercise. Even those who have been doing it for awhile can sometimes use reminders,” he says.

An important thing for active lifters to know before taking VIDA RX is to not be discouraged if you can’t do as much weight during the class as you would use on your own. The high rep nature of the class is designed to give you a different workout than a heavy lifting series would, so it’s totally normal to go down in weight. After doing the class for a while, you’ll probably notice that you’re able to go up in weight during regular lifting due to the muscular endurance that VIDA RX builds.

While each instructor follows the same class format for VIDA RX, they do have flexibility to pick and choose their favorite tracks for each muscle group and add their own personality to the tracks.

“I’ve been told my teaching style is very happy and peppy – maybe almost too peppy,” he laughs. “But if you’re waking up at 6am to come take my class, I want you to be happy to be there,” he says.

VIDA RX does have a tendency to get a little packed, so get there early to ensure you’ll have space to set up your bench. We also have a brand new RX release coming your way on April 15th, so get ready for some new music and choreography that will change it up on your muscles and keep them challenged!

Mar 27 2015


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Mar 26 2015

Mat Pilates: The Key to a Stronger Core

VIDA Fitness Pilates Mat

VIDA Fitness Pilates Mat

The practice of Pilates may date back all the way to the early 1900’s, but the benefits of its practice are far from outdated.

Regularly practicing Pilates (or the art of controlled movements, as founder Joseph Pilates described it) builds core strength, increases flexibility and improves muscular endurance and balance. The exercises focus on spine alignment and core engagement while incorporating proper breathing techniques into the movements.

We have a wide variety of Pilates classes here at VIDA, from standard mat Pilates, Power Pilates with more advanced options, and Pilates Reformer classes available for small group training. Whether you’ve been practicing

Pilates for years or are just starting out, the modifications available make the class perfect for people of all fitness levels.

Beginners don’t need to worry about an intimidating class environment as mat Pilates is one of the most welcoming and easy to jump into classes out there. The moves are slow, controlled and fluid and are always demonstrated by instructors beforehand. Your instructor will walk you through the exercise and also explain exactly when to contract and engage certain muscles to get the most out of the movement.

Since you’re not tied to any heavy equipment or trying to follow complex choreography during Pilates you can totally focus on form and keeping your muscles engaged throughout the class. You’re also in complete control of how far you push yourself in a stretch, how long you hold a pose, the leverage of resistance used, etc.

VIDA Pilates instructor Lauren Fredston-Hermann explains that this ability to control the intensity of movements allows you to continue to challenge your body through Pilates no matter how long you’ve been practicing.

“The wonderful thing about Pilates is that the more familiar you are with the format and the stronger you become, the more the exercises become physically challenging. Pilates is all about setting safe goals – you can go a little deeper and work a little harder every time,” says Lauren.

Pilates is also great for those recovering from injuries or easing into a fitness plan due to its gentle, low-impact nature. You won’t be jumping, running, or putting any stress on your joints during class, so it’s a great option for those with chronic joint pain. And, even those who are already very physically active can benefit from consistent Pilates training since it builds strength and mobility in your spine and core muscles.

It’s also incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating! Even though your muscles will be feeling the burn, the movements are smooth and steady and have a calming effect on your mind and body. You’ll notice after starting to practice regularly a greater sense of body awareness – being more aware of your slouched posture at your desk, for example, or noticing when your hips are unaligned with the rest of your body.

Consistency is key for seeing results from Pilates, so add a class or two to your schedule this week! You’ll soon start feeling a much more strong and balanced core, which will only enhance your performance in other areas as well. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Mar 25 2015

Stop Hunting for These 4 Sugar-Packed Easter Treats

easterbunnychocDo you remember our blog post way back in October about four fall treats that would wreck your diet? If not you can go read it here.

But as I’m sure you’ve deduced from the title, I’m back to share the Easter Treats you want to keep in check with Easter being just around the corner.

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, this post still applies to you because we all know well and good that when we see pastel foil-wrapped goodies we don’t give a flip about if we celebrate the holiday or not.

With that in mind here are the four Easter-themed treats you’ll want to keep at a safe distance.

1.) Cadbury Creme Eggs

Let’s just start with the heavy hitter shall we?

Cadbury Creme Eggs are the ultimate Easter basket classic and to say I’m not going to have one this spring would be a complete lie.

However, with 20 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fat in one egg, it’s best to not indulge in this treat more than one or two times while they’re available in stores.

Although it might be tempting to buy a 5-pack because it’s a better value, just buy it individually so there’s no temptation to inhale back to back eggs.

When it’s phrased like that it sounds pretty gross, so yeah, let’s just keep it to one creme egg.

2.) Chocolate Bunnies

I’m not sure whose idea it was to create one giant piece of chocolate in the shape of a delightful forest creature, but I can be certain they were an evil genius.

Maybe it’s because the chocolate bunnies are one wholly wrapped piece of candy, but I can guarantee I’m not the only one who finds it impossible to spread out the consumption of a chocolate bunny over time.

First I start by breaking off the ears and before you know it it’s less than 24 hours later and I’m down to the bunny’s chocolate tail puff. My point is, the bunnies are hard to portion.

Advice for this confectionary treat: If you don’t have a couple people you can share it with, don’t unwrap one at all. You can have a couple of those mini chocolate foil-wrapped eggs and get your chocolate fix for a lot less damage.

And if someone happens to gift you with a chocolate bunny go ahead and melt it down for chocolate and fruit fondue to make it a tad healthier!

3.) Reese’s Eggs

Yep, Reese’s makes a reappearance.

They’ve really capitalized on holidays by creating those double-the-size and triple-the-fat (and quadruple-the-deliciousness) specialty cups, and the Reese’s Easter eggs are no different than the pumpkins or the trees. One of those is enough to undo your entire cardio session.

But again, this is a treat, which doesn’t equal deprivation, just try sharing your Reese’s egg or saving half for another day. No need to eat the whole thing at once.

peeps4.) Peeps

The folks at Peeps have tried to pull the same stunt as Reese’s by offering up other seasonal varieties like hearts, pumpkins and trees, but somehow Peeps just don’t seem right unless they’re the spring-time variety.

Since many people still regard these as only being available once a year, that means gorging ensues.

Now I don’t care what excuse you give yourself, whether it’s that the marshmallows will get stale if you don’t finish the package within a day or two or that Peeps are mostly air, you don’t need to be eating a whole package of sugar-covered marshmallow chicks.

According to Shape Magazine, “One serving of Peeps is five chick-shaped pieces, each containing 28 calories. This may not seem like a lot, but almost all of these calories come from sugar (one Peep has 7.2 grams of carbs, 6.8 of which are sugar), meaning they’re as empty as it gets.”

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, unless you can share a package or truly control yourself, just don’t buy it.

When it’s all said and done, Easter can create quite a fiasco for your eating habits and there’s just no reason for it.

Don’t fall victim to seasonal candy marketing and remind yourself that these are treats and should be treated as such. Pick your one or two favorite indulgences and be relentless about keeping your portions in check, even if that means buying a package of Peeps, eating two and throwing the rest away.

And if you’re the one who has to buy these treats for your kid’s candy baskets, try incorporating more non-edible items like small toys, tickets to a movie or some cold hard cash. Trust me, the kids won’t complain.

Mar 25 2015

VIDA Instructor Profile: George Cruz

George Cruz

George Cruz

Chances are if you’ve been a part of the VIDA world for awhile, you know who George Cruz is. If you follow him on Instagram (and you should – @geocruzerproject) you’ll see examples of his crazy plyo-pushup tricks, heavy lifting photos, and nothing but love and motivation for his clients and VIDA family. George very much embodies the type of lifestyle we promote at VIDA: fun, positive, motivating and full of hard work!

George, who grew up in the Philippines, spent his whole life playing soccer, running track and participating in a type of Filipino Martial Arts called Kali Stick Fighting – all of which kept him in great physical shape growing up.

“I think I was born doing push-ups,” he says with a laugh.

He moved to the US in 2004, started personal training and quickly found that he had a natural talent for motivating and helping people transform their bodies. After working at other gyms for several years, George was considering a move to California to be closer to family, but Verizon Group Fitness Manager Tami DeVitis found him first.

“I met Tami and the first time she brought me into VIDA I was like a little kid in a candy store. I fell in love with the facility and the people here and started teaching group fitness right away,” says George.

George currently teaches outdoor boot camp, (contact him to sign up if you haven’t yet!) TRX, VIDA Xtreme and Zumba. His classes have become so popular that he has some diehard regulars that never miss a week, which isn’t surprising due to the high-energy and motivating environment George creates.

In George’s outdoor boot camp, for instance, you can expect a competitive group setting with fun (sometimes themed) music and challenging exercises that allow people of all fitness levels to push themselves.

“My classes are hard but fun – I’m all about modifications. For example there are so many different types of push-ups you can do for different fitness levels. I would rather you have good form with a lower weight than try to do too much and have terrible form. Good form equals good results and progression is key,” he stresses.

If you’re lucky enough to train one-on-one with George, you can expect a ton of body weight exercises and compound workouts that combine strength and cardio training. A few of his favorites are TRX and battle ropes since both can be adjusted to hit different muscle groups.

Something that makes George’s teaching style unique is that his training and encouragement doesn’t end after a client’s session is over. George is known for his daily motivational quotes that he shares via email with all his friends, coworkers and clients.

“I like to share quotes that motivate me with others. But I’ll also send you a guilt email if you don’t show up to class,” he jokes.

LaShawn McConnell, a Verizon member who has trained with George, says that his positive attitude is what really sets him apart from other trainers.

George Cruz“George is such a fun but serious trainer. You can tell he has a passion for what he does, and I love receiving his motivational emails. Even though he has such a sweet personality he really makes sure you’re staying on top of your game!” says LaShawn.

Even when he isn’t teaching classes or training clients, he’s most likely still at VIDA doing his own workouts and perfecting his #floorgamefriday skills (if you don’t know what this is, check it out on Instagram and be amazed.) He’s also a big mountain biker and loves to bike to and from work every day!

George’s big personality and constant smile are two things that make him a cherished part of the VIDA family. He says compared with other gyms he’s worked for, the relationships he’s formed with the members and other instructors here are irreplaceable.

“I’m so glad Tami found me when she did. VIDA just kind of pulls you in and makes you a superstar,” he says.

We couldn’t agree more, George!

Mar 23 2015

Cats Corner: Healthy Breakfast

“You can’t think negative thoughts and expect to live a positive life.” –Joel Osteen

Start your day with a healthy breakfast! Men and women who skip breakfast are shown to have a 21% higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Be sure to include fiber and lean protein such as: fruit; veggies; whole grains; eggs; lean meat; nuts; legumes; non-fat yogurt or milk.

• Oatmeal: 1/2 cup dry oats with ¼ cup blueberries, 4 oz. milk, 5 walnuts, nutmeg and cinnamon to taste.
• 1 egg
• *portion sizes vary based on energy needs

Mar 23 2015

VIDA Featured Instructor — Lauren Fredston-Hermann

Lauren Fredston-Hermann

Lauren Fredston-Hermann

If you’re on the hunt for some traditional Pilates moves coined by Joseph Pilates himself, look no further than Lauren Fredston-Hermann’s Pilates class, offered at our Metropole, Verizon, City Vista and U Street locations!

Lauren Fredston-Hermann, a New York native new to the DC area has been teaching Pilates at VIDA for several months now, with plans to start teaching Pilates Reformer, VIDA Barre and Zumba in the near future (stay tuned!)

Growing up in New York, Lauren danced for most of her life and attended the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater from age 10-18. Lauren has always had a passion for dance but her time at the Theater eventually ran its course, and with the addition of a poorly-timed sprained ankle she decided to switch gears and focus on her career in social work instead.

It was while attending Middlebury College in Vermont that Lauren began taking Pilates regularly and discovered it was a perfect transition from her dance background. She trained at the Vermont Center for Classical Pilates in Middlebury where her instructor was trained by Romana Kryzanowska herself. Lauren loved that she was receiving classical Pilates training in its truest form that Joseph Pilates meant it to be.

“It’s such an awesome and safe way to strengthen the entire body while improving posture and flexibility. My studio was very traditional and directly linked to Joseph Pilates’ teaching style – very focused on technique and by the book,” she says.

After moving to DC with her boyfriend in November and accepting a position at the Georgetown University Medical Center, Lauren decided she wanted to further develop her Pilates practice and received her certification to teach here in DC.

Lauren’s teaching style mirrors the classical techniques she was taught in her classes – using minimal props and focusing strongly on identifying and developing core muscles that support the spine (back, abs and glutes.)

“All participants, from beginning to advanced Pilates students, will find and meet the physical challenges in my class. I would recommend Pilates for everyone, from runners and skiers to rugby and basketball players!” says Lauren.

After auditioning at a bunch of gyms in the DC area, Lauren says she couldn’t be happier to have ended up at VIDA!

Lauren Fredston-Hermann,

Lauren Fredston-Hermann Teaching Pilates

“I started out as just a member here – I loved the energy and variety of classes offered. The instructors are highly trained and the facilities are excellent,” she says. “The timing worked out really well with them hosting auditions right when I got certified. I feel so lucky to be working here now!”

Lauren has definitely fit right in with the VIDA community. Her classes stay packed, and she and the other instructors are regulars in each other’s classes.

“I usually take Chris’s yoga class and then he’ll stay for my Pilates right after. Also working with Tami, Colleen and Alexx to get certified in Zumba and Barre too – everyone has been so supportive!” she says.

When Lauren’s not teaching she enjoys hosting dinner parties in her Adam’s Morgan apartment or spending time outdoors (skiing, mountain biking & hiking are some of her faves!)

Whether you’re a Pilates pro or just checking it out for the first time, Lauren’s class will definitely give you the core-strengthening, leg-shaking workout you’re looking for!

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