Apr 10 2015

VIDA Fitness: The Best Gym in DC!

VIDA Fitness -- Best Gym in DC

VIDA Fitness — Best Gym in DC

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful members, friends and family in the DC community who voted for us in Washington City Paper’s Best of DC 2015 poll. At VIDA Fitness we are committed to making your life better, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the most top-of-the-line health and wellness experience possible. Our members are what make our community so outstanding, and we can’t thank you enough for sharing your VIDA love with the rest of the city!

“VIDA Fitness is honored to receive the 2015 Best of DC Awards for Best Gym in DC and Best Pool Club from the Washington City Paper. We’d like to thank our members for always challenging us to redefine what’s possible with fitness and our many community partners for supporting us in so many ways. We will remain committed to our philosophy of continuous improvement and creating a community where people of shared values can make meaningful personal connections.” -David von Storch

Not a member yet? Our state of the art facilities include a huge selection of equipment, a diverse variety of group fitness classes lead by knowledgeable and passionate instructors, one on one personal training and specialized small group program options, plus a clean, luxurious environment that you’ll feel comfortable working out and building friendships in! Plus, with an Aura spa, Bang Salon and Penthouse Pool Club in the same building (select locations) you’ve got all of your health and beauty needs under the same roof! And, with six locations to choose from there’s bound to be a VIDA near you.

We hope you’ll come discover why we were voted Best Gym in DC for yourself! Fill out the form below and a membership consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

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Apr 9 2015

What is Functional Movement Screening?

By Tyler Sullivan

Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening

Just as we crawl before we walk, and walk before we run, there is a foundation that must be established in anything physical we undertake.  The golfer focuses on club speed, foot placement and general mechanics before they may compete at a competitive level, just as the pianist learns to read sheet music and develop trained, responsive fingers before they may play a concert hall. The golfer and the pianist are just examples of single specialties that exist in life. From a general perspective, there is a more basic level that all people share, the need to move about life physically in a proficient manner. With lower back pain, neck pain and overall structural inefficiency contributing to pain in large percentages of the world population, the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) aims to diagnose these issues through a systematic scoring assessment system. By taking the client through a series of basic movements and grading said clients performance, the FMS screen will expose any structural inefficiencies or asymmetries in the client. Additionally, the FMS technician will pull a series of corrective exercises from the FMS gospel and apply them to the client. As a personal trainer with multiple certifications and years of experience, the FMS is one of the most valuable knowledge sets that a trainer has the opportunity to learn.

To complete your own FMS, get in touch with a staff member or personal trainer at your VIDA location!


Apr 6 2015

The Challenge Behind the No Sugar Challenge

How much sugar is too much?

Even one pack of M&M’s may be more than you should eat in a day. The World Health Organization (WHO) used to recommend that you get no more than 10% of your daily calories from sugar, but now they’re considering lowering that to 5%. For an average, healthy adult, that would mean 25 grams, or about six teaspoons of sugar per day. (That’s a little less than what you’d get from 10 Hershey’s Kisses. A single can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar.) A teaspoon of sugar in your coffee or a half cup of ice cream won’t kill you — all things in moderation — but the average sugar intake in the U.S. is 22 teaspoons per person per day. That’s almost four times as much as the WHO’s new guidelines suggest is healthy.

So what happens if you eat too much sugar? In addition to increased risk for cavities, obesity, liver failure, insatiable hunger, and addiction, there are a number of other depressing consequences you can read all about here.

This is where VIDA’s ‘No Added Sugar Challenge’ comes in.  Since we know eating too much sugar is detrimental to our health, we should do something about it, right?  For 3 weeks (21 days), you give up all foods that have added sugars.  Naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods are acceptable and recommended. And be warned, foods that have added sugar are pretty much everywhere, which is what makes the challenge so tough.

Center for Science in the Public Interest

This chart by The Center for Science in the Public Interest shows where added sugars are hiding.

No Sugar Challenge

Sugar Sources

Your diet should be chock full of fresh, whole foods that are free of honey, molasses, agave, artificial sweeteners, and any one of the 56 hidden names for sugar, such as glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, and maltose. Say goodbye to liquid sugars, such as sodas, bottled teas, fruit juices, and sports drinks, too.  Reading the fine print on ingredient labels is absolutely necessary for this challenge.

Why go cold turkey? Sugar has the same addictive properties as tobacco and alcohol, meaning the more you eat, the more you need to be satisfied. The best way to cut your sugar cravings is to cut out sugar all at once because the more you consume, the more you crave!

Note:  Again, when we say no sugar, we mean no added sugar. There will be naturally occurring sugars in milk, plain yogurt, fresh vegetables and fruit, that’s okay. The idea is to give up ADDED sugars that are in most all processed foods. So when you read a nutrition label, look at the actual list of ingredients, NOT the percentage of sugar per serving (unless you must do so for medical reasons).

Our Facebook page offers support, shopping suggestions, and a Q/A list to steer you in the right direction.

The goal of this challenge is to your break sugar addiction—you could expect to lose excess weight and body fat, feel fuller faster and longer, as well as have abundant amounts of energy!  After the challenge is over, try switching from refined sugars to unrefined ones that have some nutritional value. For example, raw honey, sucanat, coconut palm sugar, molasses, sorghum, and 100% pure maple syrup.  All of these natural sweeteners have nutrients that cannot be found in refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Remember, even unrefined sweeteners can pack on the pounds if eaten on a regular basis.

So what do you say?  Will you join us for the No Sugar Challenge??

Apr 3 2015

Cat’s Corner: Eat your CruciferI!

catscorner“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” -Ashley Greene

Nutrition Tip of the Weekl Eat Your Cruciferi

Eat your CRUCIFERI! Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and bok choy) contribute to liver detoxification. Specifically, helping to eliminate unhealthy estrogenic byproducts. So, pack your refrigerator and/or freezer with these super foods!

* Toss lightly in olive oil and bake
* Chop into a salad
* Add to smoothies (kale)
* Stir-fry with oil and garlic, add chicken breast
* Add to Chili and soups
* Add to a juice with Apple and Ginger

Apr 1 2015

5 Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Workout for Summer

Committing to a workout routine can help you get in bathing-suit shape for summer! As you know, exercise can become boring and leave you feeling unmotivated if you don’t find new ways to keep it interesting. Fortunately, the spring season opens up a variety of fresh opportunities to take your workout to the next level. Follow these 5 tips to overhaul your everyday exercise habits.

Take your workout outdoors

If you’re tired of the treadmill or elliptical, go for a walk with a friend instead. For core-strengthening exercises, head to your neighborhood park and take along an exercise mat or ball to do lunges, leg lifts, and planks on an open lawn or other grassy area. You can also join our outdoor boot camp: our newest high-level, small group training program where participants achieve unparalleled mental, emotional and physical wellness. The program is designed with a high performance athlete in mind, but everyone can benefit from the workouts! You’ll enjoy the classes despite the intensity of the workouts and get to enjoy the pretty spring weather!

Change up your pre- and post-workout snacks

Farmer’s markets brim with seasonal produce, like berries, spinach, arugula, ramps, asparagus, and fresh herbs such as parsley and mint. Savor the season by whipping up a delicious smoothie, using spring fruits or vegetables to enjoy before or after your workout. Combine fresh berries, a banana, nonfat Greek yogurt, fat-free milk, vanilla extract, and your choice of a sugar substitute in a blender, and you have yourself an invigorating pre- or post-workout drink! Check out our Fuel Bar for more seasonal healthy options!

Try a new sport

If you’re feeling a little uninspired with your workout routine, consider a new sport or group class. Need a suggestion? Try HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training combines the principles of a traditional workout routine, including cardiovascular and core-strengthening exercise, in interesting, and challenging ways. Check out a full list of class times here!

Join a charity walk or local fitness event

Besides being a great way to get in shape and give back, joining a charity walk or race is also a good opportunity to set new fitness goals for the season. Sign up for one or more noncompetitive events planned in your area. Training for a long distance walk or run can motivate you to stick to your workout schedule!

Challenge yourself

Just as you don’t want your meals to become boring, you don’t want to fall into the trap of letting your exercise routine become boring. To stay motivated, create an exercise inspiration board where you pin before photos of yourself, pictures of clothing you would like to wear once you reach your goal weight, and motivational quotes and images.

Apr 1 2015

Class Spotlight: Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga

For those seeking to further develop their yoga practice and really perfect their poses while reaching a new level of mental focus, we suggest you try Alignment Yoga with Santiago here at City Vista!

As the name suggests, this type of yoga is focused strictly on proper body alignment and doing poses correctly. Santiago will offer guidance and correction to ensure your spine, hips and limbs are in the exact location they should be to get the most out of the movements and minimize injury.

This class is modeled off the Iyengar style of Yoga that uses a series of asanas (poses) and breath control techniques to develop strength, mobility and stability in the body. Your instructor will guide you through a series of asanas with a new theme introduced each week (twisting poses, back bending poses, etc.)

Unlike a typical yoga class where it’s easy to rush through the movements while switching from one to the next, Alignment Yoga goes through each pose one at a time in a specific sequence, ensuring that all students are aligned properly before moving on. This class is all about refining the mechanics of each individual pose, as instructor Santiago Hernandez puts it.

“We spend a lot more time in each pose making sure it’s being done correctly. This style of practice challenges students to sharpen their mental focus and become present within themselves,” says Santiago.

You’ll often use props such as blocks, blankets and straps in Alignment Yoga in order to maintain proper form in an effective and comfortable manner. The use of props ensures that students of all levels can reach the poses safely and successfully, and Santiago stresses that his class is open to all levels of practitioners!

This style of yoga has been proven to alleviate chronic back pain and help with other ailments such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression and injury recovery. We recommend this class to anyone interested in developing their mental and physical well-being, whether you’ve been practicing for years or are brand new to yoga!

Newcomers will learn proper form in Alignment Yoga as a result of the strong attention to detail that the class emphasizes. Those who have been practicing for longer will learn new ways to perfect their asanas and develop a stronger mental focus on their movements.

Alignment Yoga meets Wednesdays at 6pm in the inner fitness studio at City Vista. We hope to see you on the mat soon!


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