Apr 1 2015

Class Spotlight: Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga

For those seeking to further develop their yoga practice and really perfect their poses while reaching a new level of mental focus, we suggest you try Alignment Yoga with Santiago here at City Vista!

As the name suggests, this type of yoga is focused strictly on proper body alignment and doing poses correctly. Santiago will offer guidance and correction to ensure your spine, hips and limbs are in the exact location they should be to get the most out of the movements and minimize injury.

This class is modeled off the Iyengar style of Yoga that uses a series of asanas (poses) and breath control techniques to develop strength, mobility and stability in the body. Your instructor will guide you through a series of asanas with a new theme introduced each week (twisting poses, back bending poses, etc.)

Unlike a typical yoga class where it’s easy to rush through the movements while switching from one to the next, Alignment Yoga goes through each pose one at a time in a specific sequence, ensuring that all students are aligned properly before moving on. This class is all about refining the mechanics of each individual pose, as instructor Santiago Hernandez puts it.

“We spend a lot more time in each pose making sure it’s being done correctly. This style of practice challenges students to sharpen their mental focus and become present within themselves,” says Santiago.

You’ll often use props such as blocks, blankets and straps in Alignment Yoga in order to maintain proper form in an effective and comfortable manner. The use of props ensures that students of all levels can reach the poses safely and successfully, and Santiago stresses that his class is open to all levels of practitioners!

This style of yoga has been proven to alleviate chronic back pain and help with other ailments such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression and injury recovery. We recommend this class to anyone interested in developing their mental and physical well-being, whether you’ve been practicing for years or are brand new to yoga!

Newcomers will learn proper form in Alignment Yoga as a result of the strong attention to detail that the class emphasizes. Those who have been practicing for longer will learn new ways to perfect their asanas and develop a stronger mental focus on their movements.

Alignment Yoga meets Wednesdays at 6pm in the inner fitness studio at City Vista. We hope to see you on the mat soon!