Aug 31 2015

Power Up Your Workouts With Our Brand New Program: VIDA PX!

VIDA PXLooking for a way to really power up your workouts? Our new small group training program designed by VIDA personal trainer Gene Sun at Verizon is interval training at its finest. If you love Xtreme, HIIT, Circuit, or any other type of interval training class, let us introduce you to VIDA’s hottest new workout: VIDA PX!

VIDA PX stands for Power Xtreme, a 50-minute strength & conditioning workout that emphasizes athletic training styles for maximum performance. A PX workout is a fast-paced, intense experience that integrates strength training utilizing bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX suspension training, and more with a demanding treadmill segment that will take your cardio workout to the next level.

px3By using the principles of interval training to toggle between different energy-producing systems in your body, VIDA PX torches fat to reveal lean, capable muscle while building practical fitness skills that are applicable to participants of all walks of life, from the casual gym-goer to the competitive athlete. This 6-week rolling program is designed progressively to improve your fitness each week, so that you continue to see results!

Due to the expansive nature of the training style, VIDA PX will be limited to 8 athletes per class session. Workouts will often include partnered circuit sequences, so bring a buddy or expect to make new ones when you sign up! VIDA Power Xtreme will be led by Gene Sun, NASM-certified trainer and avid Spartan Race athlete.

px1Questions? Shoot Gene an email at to learn more about this exciting new class!


Aug 30 2015

New Rowing Program at Metropole!

kyle1We’d like to start by welcoming new trainer Kyle Suib to the VIDA personal training family here at Metropole! Kyle joins us from the University of Delaware, where he was on the Crew Team and has continued to compete in rowing, triathlons, Crossfit and DC Flag Football of course!

“In middle school I was always trying to find something to occupy my time so I took up tennis. I was really bad at it, but found out I was a good runner. This lead to four years of cross country running in high school, and then I was convinced to try out for rowing in college. I landed a spot on the University of Delaware Crew team and have been rowing ever since!”

Kyle has since rowed competitively for the DC Strokes & the Potomac Boat Club, and is thrilled to be bringing his own rowing program to VIDA.

“Rowing is a full body workout that requires some thought behind it. It can be used for intense cardio, toning, or strength training. Using the ERG helps increase the O2 capacity of the body and increases flexibility in the legs, back, shoulders, and core,” says Kyle.

kyle2This program will be a small group training class limited to 4-8 people that will meet twice a week for six weeks. You’ll learn how to master the rowing machines, with bodyweight and ab exercises built into the class to accomplish a full body workout. Kyle will show you how to read the ERG on your own so you can continue to incorporate rowing into your workouts even after the program is over!

What can you expect from this program? Improved metabolism, VO2 levels, stress management and weight loss, just to name a few.

“My motto is you will go home sore, you won’t go home in pain,” says Kyle.

After the six weeks are up participants will have built enough skill and confidence to move on to the intermediate rowing level; which will be an option for those looking to progress in difficulty and push themselves to their maximum potential.

Aug 29 2015

Try a Small Group Training Session at the Yards!

SGTYou worked hard to get that summer body, now keep it going into the fall! Small group training is personal training taken to the next level.  Whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned vet, Small Group Training at VIDA Fitness Yards will give you a fresh perspective and add new motivation to your workout. You will learn how to sculpt and tone your body and push yourself to new levels in groups limited to 4 people with the help of Master Trainer, Nate Carter.

“I believe there are many benefits with working out in a small group environment. You can either create your own small group (with friends, family, or coworkers) or join an existing one. You’ll receive personal attention, variety, motivation, support, results and most importantly it saves you a ton of money,” says Nate.

The small group training programs provide the best of both worlds: you get personalized attention from your trainer, but you’re also working out with your friends and never feel singled out. Doing the program with others holds you accountable for your workouts and provides excellent motivators who are going through the same thing you are.

“What I believe makes it so appealing to many is the group motivation, less intimidating training environment, accountability and flexible scheduling,” says Nate.

NateThis program will meet twice a week for six weeks, and people of all fitness levels are encouraged to join.

“If you’re new to fitness I have beginner levels that offer a great workout with no prior exercise knowledge or experience. Everyone will be learning and working out on the level that is best suited for them,” he says.

For more information contact either Nate Carter or Chris Parkison We hope to see you in a session!

Aug 28 2015

The September iRide Line-Up!

DJ iRideThere are perks to being located in the same building as the Verizon Center, as some of you who have won concert tickets to shows this summer already know! We’re continuing our musical guest themed iRide classes into the Fall, and have a very exciting line-up coming your way!

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11TH: 9 YEARS OF VIDA anniversary themed ride with Sophia



FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH: DJ iRide with JoelCycle & DJ Khelan

Not only will the music correspond with the show next door, sometimes we score some tickets to give away during class too! Stay tuned to our social media channels for any announcements about chances to win tickets to the shows, and we can’t wait to see you in the studio!

Aug 28 2015

VIDA Hosts Mass Ice Bucket Challenge to Support ALS Research!

Andrea challenging VIDA Fitness to the 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge!

Andrea challenging VIDA Fitness to the 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge!

By: Guest Blogger & VIDA Member Andrea Peet

“Wasn’t the ice bucket challenge last year?” you ask.

Nope. Not while people are still dying from ALS.

I am one of them. Two years ago, I could have been next to you on the elliptical machine or in the endless pool. I was 32, training for my first half Ironman triathlon. I completed that 70.3-mile race, my fifth triathlon that season.

Now, I walk with a walker. At the age of 34, I have been given 3-5 years to live. Before I die, I will lose the ability to walk, talk, swallow, move, and breathe. My mind will stay sharp, witnessing my decline.

Think about if that were you. It could be. 95% of ALS cases are sporadic (no genetic history). Endurance athletes are more susceptible. Military veterans are twice as likely to get it. Why? No one knows.

That’s why we need research. The ice bucket money from last year jumpstarted clinical trials and research studies. Johns Hopkins already made an amazing breakthrough.


I challenged Vida Fitness to the ice bucket challenge because they are committed to this cause. Thanks to their support, I am back in the endless pool, training for one more triathlon and a marathon on my recumbent trike.


I cannot stress to you how rare this is. Amanda Bernier, 31, was diagnosed two months before me, just two weeks after she found out she was pregnant. Five months later, she was totally paralyzed and on a ventilator. By miracle or faith, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.


If she can take the ice bucket challenge this year, you can.


“I work,” you say. I can’t be at the U Street Vida on Monday 8/31 at 11am. No problem, you can do something much more important. You can donate to where ALL of the money goes to find a cure or treatment.


We can beat ALS. Maybe not in time to save me, but maybe to save you or someone you love.




Follow Andrea’s journey at

Aug 26 2015

Fall Into Fitness VIDA Boot Camp: Finish the Summer Strong!

bootcamp1This cross-training adventure will work your entire body by going from one exercise to another without rest. Pushups, jumping jacks, and crunches are only the beginning of this powerful caloric burn. Reduce stress, lose fat, tone-up, and build confidence with your new Boot Camp buddies.

The class was designed under the principals of advanced conditioning. We will increase your fitness to the highest levels possible by using maximum interval training.

Boot camp is a unique regimen that works all of the body’s core energy systems (physical and mental). By focusing on speed, power, strength and endurance, this cross training program pushes the body and mind to extreme limits while incorporating proper technique and nutrition to achieve maximum results.

bootcamp2This Fall we will be offering two levels of boot camp to accommodate people of all fitness levels! All sessions will meet in the lobby and then head to either Meridian Hill Park or the sundeck for workouts.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 6:30 AM Boot Camp: Geared towards those just getting into small group training who want to increase their overall fitness levels.

Tuesdays & Thursday 6:45 AM Saturday 8:00 AM Advanced Boot Camp: Heavier weights, less breaks and more cardio – for conditioned athletes seeking a challenging workout!

To sign up for Fall boot camp email


Aug 24 2015

Finding Your Workout Why

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula

Finding Your Why 1If you’re in the business world, you’ve probably heard of Simon Sinek and his powerful TED talk, “How great leaders inspire action,” which centers around the principle of his book, Start With Why.

In a nutshell, his stance is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. He explains that the reason people don’t connect with the what of your business is because it’s boring, it’s facts, and it’s rarely unique, all things that generally make something non-interesting to most people.

But the why, the why is where emotions come in to the picture, the why is what we viscerally connect with, and why inspires and drives us to take action.

And this principle doesn’t have to solely apply to business, in fact, it’s a great principle to apply to your workout routine because it isn’t the what that’s going to keep you consistent for the long haul, it’s your why. Here’s how to find it:

Dig Deeper

So much of what society tells us about working out is about appearances.

Get back to your post-baby weight, get that perfect bikini body, here’s a workout that will help you look like a supermodel, those are all headlines that have been beaten to death and I think most people can agree that we’re tired of hearing about how our bodies aren’t good enough.

And the reason we’re tired of hearing it is because all of these things center around the whats of working out, like getting a six-pack or reaching a certain number on the scale. Those things may keep you plugging away at your workout routine for awhile, but what happens when you no longer care about a six-pack or the number on the scale can’t be reached because it’s unhealthy?

finding your why 2When you look further in to your own priorities and focus on a workout why with a deeper personal meaning, that’s a motivator that won’t waver with societal body trends or depend on a milestone that may not be reached.

Use Your Bucket List

Most people have a bucket list of some kind, whether it’s one you’ve had written out for years, or if it’s an inspiration board in your office, but if you don’t have one, put pen to paper for a few minutes and jot out your biggest goals and don’t focus on how “realistic” they seem, if it’s on your mind, write it down.

Now look at each item on your bucket list. Ask yourself, “Is this goal something I would be able to achieve no matter how poor my health is?”

Chances are there’s a few items you could say yes to, but I bet there’s a good proportion of items that wouldn’t be physically achievable if you weren’t in good health.

Of course, you can’t predict the future and you never know what curveball life might throw your way, but using your bucket list items as motivators are some of the best whys you can muster when it comes to the aspects of your health you can control through staying active and eating healthfully.

What’s more important to you, completing an incredible backpacking tour through Europe with stamina and energy, or fitting in to a size 4?

Don’t Be Afraid of Shifting Your Why

Just like our bodies change with age, so do the things that are most important to us, and thus, our whys.

For example, in college I experienced the loss of a few close family members in a short period of time and suddenly working out wasn’t just a way to look good, my main why for working out became purely stress and anxiety relief. I was juggling a busy schedule and trying to remain professional at work in addition to grieving, and exercising was the one thing I could control when it came to improving my overall outlook and mental well-being.

Now that time has passed, my why for working out is completely different, but it still gives me the same kind of inspiration I need to get through the hardest step, which is putting on my workout clothes and getting out the door.

No matter what your why is now, know that it might look different a year, or even a week from now. Embrace what matters to you in this moment and let it be your main motivator for living your healthiest life because the present is the only thing we’re in control of right this second.





Aug 19 2015

Surviving Health Sabotaging Peer Pressure

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula

Peer PressureThankfully, it seems like we’ve reached an era where most people mind their own business when it comes to commenting on the health habits of other people.

You didn’t fall for that did you? Of course that’s not true, everybody has an opinion on everything, especially if it’s none of their business.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has recently adopted healthier habits, chances are you’ve had a friend or two make a passive comment or ask a question about your seemingly sudden interest in living a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes these questions are purely out of interest, but other times those questions come with a side of skepticism that can leave you feeling like you have to defend your health-conscious actions or hide your motives from naysayers who want to sabotage your efforts.

As someone who has always received flack for eating healthy and being a gym rat, I’ve picked up a few tricks on how to fend off peer pressure from friends who just aren’t getting this “health kick” you’re on. Hopefully you find them useful too.

Tell Them How You Feel

If skeptical friends make comments about how hard it is to stick to a exercise routine or how boring it must be to eat “bland” health food (which you know isn’t true), the best thing you can do is be 100 percent straightforward.

Next time you have a friend trying to coax you in to eating something you’re wanting to stay away from, or convincing you to skip your group exercise class in lieu of happy hour just say, “Listen, I get that you think it’s weird that I’m focused on eating healthy and exercising lately, but now that I’ve made some adjustments, I feel so much better when I skip the junk food and only treat myself to happy hour once a week.”

Tell them that you’re not shaming what they eat or how they choose to spend their time, you like that stuff too, you’re just trying to make healthier choices 80% of the time, and the other 20% you’ll eat whatever you want and do whatever you want, you just don’t feel like making a 20% choice at the moment.

Invite them to the Gym

You’ll find that most people who express their distaste for exercise are typically people who haven’t done exercise they find fun before.So rather than trying to convince them how fun it really is to conquer an intense workout class, let them see for themselves by inviting them to the gym as your guest.

I’ve said things along the lines of, “I know you’ve tried working out before and haven’t enjoyed it, but I take this class with an awesome instructor who plays great music and actually makes it fun, come join me and you can see for yourself without going in alone. And if you really don’t like it, well, at least it didn’t cost you anything!”

Presenting your invitation as more of a friend date than a workout and emphasizing that they have nothing to lose is generally a winning combination.

Side note: I suggest starting off with a class that’s challenging, but not grueling so your friend can see the benefits without feeling like they’re too out of their element.

Change the Places You Go

For people who love to eat, it’s really easy to let gathering over food at the bar or at the newest restaurant in your neighborhood be the glue of your friendships. Sunday brunches, after-work happy hours, football tailgating…a lot of the fun we have with friends involves food.

Scaling back on these activities is one of the best ways to create an overall healthier lifestyle, but the downside is it may make you feel like you’re abandoning time with friends. You might be feeling like you’re damned if you do go to brunch (bottomless mimosas!) and you’re damned if you don’t (where did all my friends go? Oh, that’s right, they’re at brunch).

But just like learning how to balance fun with fitness, you have to learn how to balance your activities with friends as well. Rather than always gathering over food, suggest renting kayaks for a day on the Potomac. Or instead of just doing Sunday brunch, take yoga in the park and then head to your favorite brunch spot. Take the primary focus off food for your get-togethers and you’ll find that you can still have a ton of fun, and who knows, you may convert naysaying friends to your new bootcamp buddies.

With D.C. being one of the fittest cities in the nation, we doubt you have to deal with too much sabotaging peer pressure, but for the few friends who many not be on the same track as you, we hope you give these tips a try.

Have you experienced peer pressure around your healthy lifestyle? How do you handle it? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Aug 13 2015

New VIDA Warrior Program at U Street!

Ready to take your fitness to the next level and morph your body into it’s strongest version possible? Then VIDA Warrior is for you!

bicepThis 6-week small group training program meets twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30pm) at U Street with popular boot camp instructor and Regional Group Fitness Director Alexx Griffin. This is the perfect time slot for those interested in a no-nonsense boot camp style class but can’t make it early in the morning!

The program consists of 12 50-minute workouts that will target all muscle groups and include cardiovascular and resistance training. These workouts will be TOUGH, but will take into account all fitness levels, so modifications will be offered.

And, because diet is 80% of reaching your fitness goals, each participant will receive a detailed nutrition plan to follow during the course of the program (and hopefully after!)

This program is limited to 10 participants to ensure everyone receives personalized attention and instruction, so contact Alexx at asap to reserve your spot. First Warrior classes start next week on 8/18!

Aug 13 2015

Fun Times @ Member Appreciation Day!

A few photos from our Dog Days of Summer Member Appreciation Day this month!

VIDA RD Alayna Markwordt sampling delicious fruit-infused water, made right here at VIDA!

VIDA RD Alayna Markwordt sampling delicious fruit-infused water, made right here at VIDA!

It was hard to pick which flavor was the best, they were all DELICIOUS!

It was hard to pick which flavor was the best, they were all DELICIOUS!

Can you match the puppy to the VIDA employee??

Can you match the puppy to the VIDA employee??

We're still in the summer spirit over at City Vista!

We’re still in the summer spirit over at City Vista!

Welcoming our newest Membership Consultant, Lisa, on board to the Verizon team!

Welcoming our newest Membership Consultant, Lisa, on board to the Verizon team!

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