Mar 31 2016

Join the VIDA Squat Challenge & Build a Better Booty!

By: Group Fitness Manager @ Metropole, Colleen Palomaa

Jack & Emma starting off our challenge!

Jack & Emma starting off our challenge!

Wanna get stronger without getting super buff?  Join VIDA Metropole’s training team on a 30-day squat challenge during the month of April.  With Cory Gregory’s guidance on, we’ll be incorporating just 10-20 minutes of squat variations into our workouts EVERY day for 30 days.  This can replace your leg day, or you could try his recommended weekly workout pairings (squat/chest, squat/back, etc.) to round out your weight training.  We’ll be posting short videos on our Instagram (@vidafitnessdc) & Facebook page throughout the  month to help you understand how to set yourself up for each of the workouts.  Follow along and tag your progress #vidasquatchallenge #vidafit for the chance to win prizes and get likes! 🙂

A few things to remember!

  • Warm up should always be 3 minutes of biking + 5 minutes of walking lunges
  • Rep scheme will always be 2 sets of 10 reps, 2 sets of 5 reps, 3 sets of 3 reps, and 3 sets of 1 rep, gradually increasing weight
  • Be safe!  Workout with a trainer, buddy, or only as much weight as you can handle without breaking good form

Prepare to feel increased overall strength and a HUGE sense of accomplishment come May 1st!

Mar 30 2016

Get Bikini Ready with Ballet Fusion Intensive!

By: Group Fitness Manager @ Metropole, Colleen Palomaa

VIDBarre MetropoleA’s Ballet Fusion Intensive is a new opportunity for our members who love using the ballet barre to tone and lift while combining their love of dance and choreography into a total body work out that leaves them exhausted yet invigorated. With inspiration drawn from all forms of dance, pop music and high intensity interval training, you’ll build a stronger, leaner, healthier body during a class that helps dancers and non-dancers feel inspired.  Every level is challenged and the material is great for people who love fast-paced, energetic classes, in a safe and low-impact fitness routine.

This Ballet Fusion Intensive will utilize today’s top music, hit every body part and have you dripping sweat. The perfect way to build that dancer body you’ve always wanted!

Members who join us for this Intensive will be given a complimentary 30 minute consultation with our Registered Dietitian, Leigh Delavan. The intensive will also include one 90-minute extended class at the end of the series at no additional charge.

Dates and times offered:

Saturdays at 3pm, starting April 16th

FREE DEMO: Thursday, April 7th at 7:45pm!

This semi-private program allows the instructors to focus on the needs of each client.  Maximum enrollment in this Intensive is limited to 8-10 students per class. The cost for members is $180.  Contact Colleen Palomaa for more information and to reserve a space: See you at the Barre!

Mar 24 2016

Outdoor Boot Camp Is Back!

instagramOutdoorBootcampWarmer weather is finally here and the workouts have left the building! VIDA’s outdoor boot camp program has officially started, and we’re welcoming new members to join the fun!  Summer is right around the corner, and we want to help get your body ready to hang by the Penthouse Pool in just a few short weeks.

This 6-week program will keep you on track with your fitness goals as we near bathing suit season & celebrate warmer weather returning to the district. Now is the PERFECT time to commit to a fun but challenging training program that will keep you focused on your goals and build some new friendships along the way.

“Boot camp is a great way to build your strength, endurance, overall health and meet new people. Once you finish your first class you’ll get that burst of energy and confidence when you realize what you just endured and completed. Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self esteem,” says VIDA personal trainer and boot camp instructor Rafael Garcia.

If you’re new to boot camp, you can expect an intense but fun workout that improves strength, endurance and cardiovascular performance through body weight movements, partner exercises and conditioning drills. There are modifications offered for every exercises, so no matter what your fitness level and background is, you’ll get a great workout!

“Anyone can participate. It’s for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. There is no discrimination, as long as you have the will to finish what you started,” says Rafael.

If you sit in an office all day, this is a great way to start your morning with some Springtime fresh air and enjoy the outdoors before heading to work.  Plus, you’ll already have your workout done for the day, which means your evenings are free to enjoy those post-work happy hours!

Make this summer your strongest & fittest yet. Boot camp days/times vary by location, so fill out the form here and a membership consultant will assist you in scheduling your first session!

Mar 22 2016

The VIDA Fitness App is Here!

Download it for free! It’s been a long time coming and we are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched our VIDA Fitness app! Now available in both the App Store & Google Store, the VIDA Fitness app is a free download that will make managing your account and checking class times convenient and user-friendly.

By using your MyiClub login, you can manage your account, view class schedules and purchase training packages and stay up to date on deals straight from your phone.

Click on ‘Find a Class’ for a mobile-friendly view of our group fitness schedule. You can filter by home club, instructor, or class type to easily find what you’re looking for with just a few clicks. You can even reserve small group training or personal training sessions and purchase packages right from the app!

Check class times right from your phone!

Check class times right from your phone!

The VIDA app is compatible with popular fitness trackers FitBit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, etc., and will display your workouts in the Activity Feed after you upload them. You can also sync your workouts directly from our Woodway cardio equipment, so you can review the workout even after wiping down the treadmill! We’re also working with MYZONE for the ability to integrate your MYZONE workouts into the app, so you’ll be able to have all your fitness-related data and info in one place.

Useful club information such as hours of operation, address, directions and contact info can also be found in the top right menu – so you can get ahold of us in a pinch if you need to. You can also subscribe to push notifications so that we can send out mass messages to our membership base in case of emergencies, weather closings or major announcements. Want more info about Aura spa services or joining the Penthouse Pool? Check our Extras tab to have someone contact you!

Download ‘VIDA Fitness’ in the app store and let us know what you think!

Mar 9 2016

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Healthy Fats!

By: VIDA Registered Dietitian Courtney Puidk 

Dietary fats are a necessary component of a healthful lifestyle. Not only does fat coat the stomach and slow digestion, resulting in earlier satiety, it also contributes a smooth and creamy mouthfeel for foods such as yogurt and aids the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (those would be A, D, E and K). Not to mention the brain is made from fat, fat cells and fat soluble vitamins regulate hormones and other biological processes, fats makes up part of the membrane of each cell in the body and also protect our organs.

Fats that are solid at room temperature are referred to as “saturated fats”, meaning the carbons in their chemical structures are saturated with hydrogens. These fats mostly come from animal sources, like mayonnaise, butter, and the fat found on cuts of meat. Some plant sources, such as coconut oil and nuts, contain some saturated fats, as well.

Fats that are liquid at room temperature are referred to “unsaturated fats”, and tend to be more beneficial for our insides. These include oils made from plant sources.

Although the relationship between dietary fat and cholesterol is still being examined, the best sources of fat in the diet are consumed from oils such as olive, flaxseed and walnut; nuts and seeds; eggs, fish and avocados.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and limited in fried foods is the best way to obtain a well balanced diet that will meet all your nutritional needs. Fats included!

Mar 2 2016

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Tom Looney


Ready to bring it on a Sunday morning!

If you’ve taken a cycle class at U Street (or walked within 30 ft of the cycling studio,) there’s a good chance you’ve gotten to experience the blood-pumping beats and high energy vibes coming from Tom Looney’s class. Tom’s only been teaching at VIDA for a few months, but has quickly grown a devoted fan base that come back week after week to sweat it out with him on their bikes!

This North Carolina native (brace yourself for the occasional “y’all” in his classes) graduated from Wake Forest University four years ago and has made a home in DC ever since. He works during the day as a hospital revenue cycle consultant at the Advisory Board Company, but has always been passionate about fitness as a hobby. He stumbled upon VIDA by accident last year after a friend brought him in as a guest to try a class.

“A good friend brought me to one of Tamara’s “Turnt Up Tuesdays” iRide classes, and after that I was sold. I came back the next day, dropped my old gym membership and signed up for VIDA. From there, I kept taking classes and decided to get certified to teach. After a brief stint teaching at another local gym, I’ve happily found a home teaching at VIDA,” says Tom.

Indoor cyclists know that music is extremely important for keeping energy up and pushing riders through a tough cycling class. Tom has pretty much mastered this, as U Street members are constantly raving about his music selection.

“There are two goals I set for each class: work your ass off and have a good time. I like to switch it up a lot – you’ll hear throwbacks, remixes and club music. If it’s got a beat, we’re riding on it (& maybe swinging our towels around!” he says.


Tom in action! *Not pictured: blasting Britney

Despite the entertaining music, Tom’s classes are far from just a party on a bike. He explains that he carefully plans his classes to include sprints, jumps, climbs and everything in between, so you’re getting a killer Coach by Color workout even while singing along to throwback NSYNC songs.

When asked what he likes most about teaching at VIDA, Tom says the energy from the members is what makes his classes so much fun!

“The energy from the people makes up about 90% of the class. VIDA members are there to BRING IT – you just have to provide good music, motivation and the atmosphere to slay on those bikes,” he says.

Tom enjoys supplementing his cycling by taking other VIDA classes (HIIT is his fave,) lifting and running half marathons. When he’s not working out, you can find him exploring new breweries or wineries, cheering on the Nats in the spring or creating craft cocktails at home with friends.

Come try a class with Tom Wednesdays at 6:45pm, Fridays at 6pm or Sunday mornings at 9am at U Street!

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