Aura spa Featured Therapist: Jean Briggs
Jul 25 2015

Aura spa Featured Therapist: Jean Briggs

Jean Briggs

Jean Briggs

LMT Jean Briggs is the newest addition to our massage team at Metropole and is already fitting in perfectly. Jean has been practicing massage for over 10 years and recently joined Aura spa this month. She was looking for an environment that would tie in fitness with massage, so Aura spa was the obvious choice for her!

Jean has been in the DMV area for over 20 years and graduated from UMD with a degree in art history. As someone who has always been into the arts (she’s an avid writer, painter, and poet!) she views massage as another holistic art form that celebrates taking care of our physical being.

“I’ve always been into well-being and staying active. I love walking, yoga, playing tennis, and recently worked with a personal trainer, which really made me realize how much sense it makes to pair massage with fitness,” says Jean. “The people here at VIDA are already invested in their health, so massage therapy is the perfect addition to their lifestyle,” she says.

Jean worked for the National Integrative Health Association (NIHA) while doing massage on the side, but recently made the decision to start pursuing massage full-time. She was seeking a position where she could feel connected to others who share her mentality of the importance of taking care of themselves and says Aura has been the perfect fit.

“I live, teach and breathe massage. I have a very deep connection to this work, it gives me energy, makes me happy and makes going to work feel effortless. I feel like I can be myself creatively here and everyone is so sincerely positive about this environment. I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of it!” says Jean.

Her massage style varies by the client, she says, and she enjoys customizing each session to meet that individual clients needs. She’ll start by identifying focus areas with her client that they would like addressed and then go from there.

“I like to first find out how my client uses their body on a daily basis, whether they’re in an office environment or very athletic. Sometimes they’ll ask me to focus on a certain area the entire time or sometimes I find new areas that need work that they weren’t even aware of. I always warm up the body first and wait for the body tissue to invite me in, rather than the ‘break and enter’ technique. I find that this allows me to penetrate deeper and really access those problem areas,” says Jean.Jean Briggs

Jean explains that warming the Fascia (connective tissue) first releases and relaxes your muscles which allow for a deeper massage. This results in improved mobility and fluidity as your muscles untighten and relax.

Aside from getting to practice her passion in an environment she’s excited about, Jean says the best thing about joining Aura spa is that she’ll be able to take classes at VIDA in between clients!

“Being physically active really invigorates your brain. I’m a firm believer in keeping your thoughts and your body moving constantly –movement is the key to everything!” says Jean.

She hopes to start out with some yoga classes, with possibly some Zumba on the horizon in the future. She’s always loved dancing, swimming, and outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting the ocean.

And, she loves to cook!

“I can cook anything! From vegan cuisine to meat-lovers, I guarantee I can make a dish for you,” she says with a smile.

To book an appointment with Jean, contact our Metropole location this week! And please join us in welcoming her to the Aura spa family.

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