Can You Survive the Gauntlet?
May 13 2016

Can You Survive the Gauntlet?

Another successful Friday night at the Gauntlet!

Another successful Friday night at the Gauntlet!

Over the past few months, a new Friday night tradition has unfolded at Metropole involving a mixture of cycling, abs, strength work and sweat. Lead by VIDA Trainer and Instructor Kyle Suib, the ‘Gauntlet’ is gaining momentum as the ideal way to burn a huge amount of calories and achieve that I-just-got-my-ass-kicked feeling right before starting the weekend. It’s essentially three classes back to back, or a solid two hours of exercising, that combines all the strength and cardio work you need to start your weekend strong.

The fun begins with Cycle at 5:30 to warm up the body and get your heart rate up. With the addition of our brand new cycle studio, you’ll soon be able to track what percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re using on our live MYZONE display tiles around the studio! Once you’ve worked up a sweat and brought your heart rate through a series of challenging intervals, you’ll finish up in Cycle and then head downstairs for 15 minutes of Killer Core at 6:30.

“Each class is structured to accent the next one. After Cycle we let the cardio system recover while focusing on breathing and core work,” says Kyle.

Next up is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at 6:45. For those who have made it this far, get ready for some weighted moves in combination with plyometrics and calisthenics to build muscle endurance while bringing the heart rate back up.

Members are welcome to join the Gauntlet for all three classes or drop in for just one class. It has quickly become a Friday night favorite for some of our hardcore members, who have made it a regular part of their weekends.

“The Gauntlet has become my  Must Do on Friday’s and actually an Exercise Happy Hour (hours actually!) to end the week. It has become a mainstay and  intricate part of my fitness regime, it is not easy in any way and you leave knowing it,” says Gauntlet regular, Matthew Hunter.

Regulars all agree that Kyle has built a great sense of community and support in his Gauntlet, and many people have formed new friendships after bonding over burpees and pushing themselves to new limits with every class.

“There’s a great sense of camaraderie from the attendees each week. Kyle brings a huge amount of fun coupled with high intensity, high expectations and a desire and encouragement for all of us to meet and  surpass our goals. Each Friday has a new challenge that you were not expecting – you don’t come to the Gauntlet to get off easy or cut corners! Some of my friends who I have brought along ask me, “you do this every week”? I happily reply YES!” says Matthew.

Got questions about the Gauntlet? Email Kyle at for more info!