Fitness Tips
Apr 29 2016

Q&A with TRX Instructor Alex Miller

We spent some time this month getting to know VIDA Trainer and TRX Instructor at Verizon, Alex Miller! Alex explains the basics of TRX training, why it works so well in a small group format, and why it’s a smart move for clients to branch out and add a new method of training into their routine!

Mar 31 2016

Join the VIDA Squat Challenge & Build a Better Booty!

Wanna get stronger without getting super buff? Join VIDA Metropole’s training team on a 30-day squat challenge during the month of April.

Jan 13 2016

New Year, New Goals? Tips for Staying on Track

By VIDA Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Alright, we’re in mid-January now, so the crazy crowds at the gym are starting to dwindle down as people find their routines and stop with the every-single-day working out New Year’s resolution madness. But that’s not to say all goals have gone out the window. At this point you’re…more

Jan 4 2016

VIDA’s Guide To Group Fitness!

Here’s a breakdown of our group fitness classes by studio, showing what type of classes to expect in each space and info for picking the class that will best help you reach your goals!

Dec 6 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics

By: Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Whenever the holidays roll around we love taking a look at all the latest fitness products on the market because not only do they help us figure out what to get for all the fitness lovers on our list, but they also give us a couple ideas for our own…more