Fitness Tips
Sep 17 2015

Stay Focused On Fitness this Fall at VIDA!

Did you know the average person gains 9 lbs over the holidays? With the combination of indulgent holiday dinners, colder weather and back to back holiday parties, it’s easy to let your health and fitness regimen slide a little during this time of year. However, this Fall at VIDA Fitness we’re fighting back! Our goal…more

Aug 24 2015

Finding Your Workout Why

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula If you’re in the business world, you’ve probably heard of Simon Sinek and his powerful TED talk, “How great leaders inspire action,” which centers around the principle of his book, Start With Why. In a nutshell, his stance is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you…more

Aug 19 2015

Surviving Health Sabotaging Peer Pressure

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Thankfully, it seems like we’ve reached an era where most people mind their own business when it comes to commenting on the health habits of other people. You didn’t fall for that did you? Of course that’s not true, everybody has an opinion on everything, especially if it’s none of…more

Jul 25 2015

Benefits of the Calf Stretch

By Metropole Spa Manager Jacob Gough The calf muscle on the back of the lower leg is actually made up of two muscles: the Gastrocnemius (looks like two bubbles when you go on your tippy toes) and the Soleus. These muscles are prone to locking up (i.e a Charley Horse.) These two muscles might not…more

Jul 20 2015

Don’t Get Derailed During Your Summer Vacation

By: Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Don’t Get Derailed During Your Summer Vacation Vacation season is officially in full swing, and you might be prepping for a week-long trip to Tulum, Mexico (because that seems to be where everyone is going lately) by hitting up lunchtime group fitness classes and eating all those veggies so you…more