Fitness Tips
Jul 15 2015

6 Ways To Get Beach-Ready Abs This Summer!

A lean and toned midsection is desirable year-round – but especially this time of year when you’re hitting the beach and pool every chance you get. Achieving “beach-ready abs” comes down to a combination of healthy diet, consistent workouts, and a well-rounded core routine.

Jul 12 2015

Don’t Get Derailed During Your Summer Vacation

Don’t Get Derailed During Your Summer Vacation Vacation season is officially in full swing, and you might be prepping for a week-long trip to Tulum, Mexico (because that seems to be where everyone is going lately) by hitting up lunchtime group fitness classes and eating all those veggies so you feel toned and strong in…more

Apr 22 2015

5 Tips for the First-Timer in a Group Fitness Class

So you’ve never been to a group fitness class? Let’s just start by saying you’re in for a fun time! Group fitness is one of the best ways to dial up the motivation for working out, so if you’re scoping out the schedule thinking you might like to give it a try, we say it’s…more

Apr 12 2015

The Benefits of Foam Rolling

The Benefits of Foam Rolling by Erik Strouse, MS   Hey VIDA folks. It’s been a while since I’ve written you an article! I am going to present you with some info on Foam Rolling! I see people do it, and I’m sure there are a ton of you that wonder what the heck it…more

Apr 9 2015

What is Functional Movement Screening?

By Tyler Sullivan Just as we crawl before we walk, and walk before we run, there is a foundation that must be established in anything physical we undertake.  The golfer focuses on club speed, foot placement and general mechanics before they may compete at a competitive level, just as the pianist learns to read sheet…more