Group Fitness
Aug 30 2015

New Rowing Program at Metropole!

We’d like to start by welcoming new trainer Kyle Suib to the VIDA personal training family here at Metropole! Kyle joins us from the University of Delaware, where he was on the Crew Team and has continued to compete in rowing, triathlons, Crossfit and DC Flag Football of course! “In middle school I was always…more

Aug 4 2015

Ripped Yoga: Vinyasa & Sculpting in One!

If you’re a yoga lover who’s looking for an extra ‘oomph’ in the strengthening and toning department, Ripped Yoga is the class for you! This is your typical Vinyasa yoga class, but with the addition of free weights to each sequence. So, imagine hitting your usual warrior two or triangle pose while holding small hand…more

Aug 3 2015

Class Spotlight: Sunrise Yoga

When it comes to the best way to start your mornings, you can’t really beat doing yoga with the sun rising in the background. An hour-long yoga class first thing in the morning gives your body a chance to wake up physically and your mind the opportunity to reset from yesterday and get ready to…more

Aug 2 2015

Getting to Know Yoga Man Dan McAnally

Featured Instructor for August If you’re a yoga lover or are at all in touch with VIDA’s yoga program, you’ve probably heard of Yoga Man Dan. Dan teaches 17 yoga classes a week at all VIDA locations and does actually have a last name (McAnally.) However, Yoga Man Dan is the name that’s become well-known…more

Jul 14 2015

Want To Be a VIDA Fitness Instructor?

Do you have what it takes to teach at the BEST GYM in DC?

VIDA Fitness is hosting open auditions Saturday, July 25th at 3:00pm at VIDA Verizon.