Instructor Profiles
Jul 10 2015

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Tim Williams

Tim Williams’s  (Timbo) classes are fun, fast-paced, and probably the toughest workouts you will encounter all week.  Tim, a former track runner, teaches nine (yes, nine) different classes here at VIDA and maintains an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm for each one. Tim Williams grew up in Florida where he started playing sports the second he…more

Jul 4 2015

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Cristina Zottola

Say hello to our Metropole instructor of the month, Cristina Zottola! Cristina currently teaches iRide and Spin & Sculpt while simultaneously working to finish her medical degree at George Washington Medical School. Cristina doesn’t get much time between study sessions, but says that her VIDA classes are the highlight of her week! Growing up in…more

Jul 2 2015

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Will Emslie

One of our most tenured VIDA instructors is Will Emslie – teacher of cycle, VIDA Circuit, VIDA Body & VIDA Xtreme. You’ve probably heard that his classes are a little on the intense side, and you’ve heard correctly. Will is a former Cross Fit athlete and likes to bring that high-intensity, competitive atmosphere to his…more

Jun 27 2015

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Alex Wilson

Meet our July VIDA instructor of the month, Alex Wilson! Alex teaches Spin & Sculpt, TRX and Cycle at both City Vista and U Street and does personal training part-time at City Vista. He does this all while balancing his full time job working in IT at ICF International, so it’s safe to say he…more

Jun 7 2015

Featured Instructor: Courtney Hoffman

Yoga instructor Courtney Hoffman is one of the newest additions to our group fitness team at the Yards. Courtney teaches Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Sunrise Yoga at U Street and offers a fresh perspective on not only using yoga to build strength and flexibility, but also as a creative way to have fun and get…more