Member Stories
Jan 12 2015

VIDA Member Spotlight: Pasquale Guiducci

After taking Tuesday night 7:30 p.m. Vinyasa at Metropole I caught up with VIDA member, Pasquale Guiducci, who is an actor/dancer and is currently on the journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher. How long have you been practicing yoga? About six years. When did you being practicing at VIDA? I’ve been a member of…more

Dec 2 2014

VIDA Barre Student Profile – Lauren Dyer

How long have you been taking Barre? The first class I took was back in March, which is when I joined VIDA. What do you like specifically about Barre? I love it because it’s really supplemental to my overall weekly training routine. It’s not yoga or Pilates, where sometimes I leave feeling like I still…more

Nov 10 2014

Member Spotlight: Sarah and Eleanor — iRIDE Attendees

By Danielle Michels VIDA Blogger After taking iRIDE at Navy Yards, I caught up with two of the ladies who were pushing it hard in class! Sarah and Eleanor are both new Navy Yards members, Sarah joined VIDA Navy Yards right before the grand opening, and Eleanor joined VIDA in September after moving to D.C….more

Oct 6 2014

A VIDA Success Story: Mougeh Kowkabi

A lot can change in the course of one year. In 2013, I had finally quit smoking and decided I wanted to lose the weight I had gained throughout the years. I made changes to my diet and thought I was pretty active living in the city. The moment I got a Fitbit I realized…more

Sep 24 2014

VIDA M.I.T. Student Profile: Leslie Lipton

How long have you been a VIDA member? I moved from Brooklyn in May and became a VIDA member right away! How long have you been taking M.I.T.? Since May, M.I.T was one of the first classes I tried out on the schedule. What is your favorite thing about M.I.T. in particular? I like the…more