Member Stories
Aug 4 2014

VIDA RX Member Profile

VIDA members for: Cindy: Less than a year. Caitlin: Three years. Laure: About 7 years, since VIDA Fitness opened. And how long have you been taking VIDA RX? Cindy: Less than a month. Caitlin: Since I joined, so three years. Laure: About three years. What is your favorite thing about taking VIDA RX? Cindy: I’m…more

Jun 25 2014

VIDA Member Profile – Darin Volwiler

Easily the most high-energy and enthusiastic member of the class besides the instructor, we had to track down VIDA member, Darin, after VIDA Xtreme and find out where he gets all that excitement for fitness from. Darin has been a member for three years, but his love for fitness has been lifelong. Why is fitness…more

Apr 24 2014

VIDA Fitness Client Profile — Norrisa Tworkowski

Tell us about yourself I’m in my late 50s. I was very inactive and had substantial weight gain. Sitting all day at my desk and in front of the computer made matters worse. I got a wakeup call by the onset of heart related health issues. I recently took up running for fundraising but now…more

Mar 8 2014

VIDA Fitness Member Profiles — Johnnie and Matt

This month we profile VIDA Fitness Members Johnnie and Matt. Johnnie and Matt frequent VIDA Fitness Group Fitness Instructor Juliet Stovall’s Saturday morning classes (VIDA Body and VIDA RX). We sat down with Johnnie and Matt to learn about how Juliet’s classes fit into their fitness plans. So why do you wake up early on…more

Feb 18 2014

VIDA Fitness Member: Heather Krause

Why are you using a Personal Trainer to achieve your goals? For motivation, accountability, direction, and support. And because it sounds cool to say that I have a Brazilian personal trainer What do you like most about Rafael? His infectious passion for strength and conditioning training, dedication to solid technique, incredible patience and talent in…more