Personal Training
Apr 12 2014

VIDA Personal Training Spotlight: Derrick Martin and Fernando Herraro

This month we profile VIDA Fitness Personal Trainer Derrick Martin and his client Fernando Herraro. Derrick and Fernando sat down with us to tell us a little bit about their history, what inspires them and how they work together to achieve Fernando’s fitness goals. Derrick Martin Tell us about yourself: I’m a NASM certified personal…more

Mar 1 2014

VIDA Fitness Personal Trainer Highlight – Craig Davenport

Tell us about yourself. As a graduate with a degree in nutrition, I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to combine that with other health aspects and make it part of an entire wellness program. Since then I have been personal training for 10 years at various local gyms emphasizing fitness and the importance…more

Feb 18 2014

VIDA Fitness Member: Heather Krause

Why are you using a Personal Trainer to achieve your goals? For motivation, accountability, direction, and support. And because it sounds cool to say that I have a Brazilian personal trainer What do you like most about Rafael? His infectious passion for strength and conditioning training, dedication to solid technique, incredible patience and talent in…more

Jan 12 2014

VIDA Fitness Personal Training Member Profile of the Month

Molly Bryson: Tell us about yourself I grew up in this area, and love adventure, travel and fitness. I am starting a beginner’s Italian class this semester, and hope to be able to use that language soon! Why are you using a Personal Trainer to achieve your goals? I first started training with Kevin almost…more