Small Group Training
Aug 13 2014

Pilates Reformer at VIDA Fitness

You claim yoga’s not your thing (even if you haven’t actually tried it), it just doesn’t seem your pace. But you know how important it is to do exercise that focuses on aligning your mind and body and working on strengthening the muscles you need to do functional, everyday movements. Enter Pilates. The perfect workout…more

Jul 21 2013

Playground Take Over

We took our VIDA Fitness Boot Camp team to the park this morning and it’s a “PLAYGROUND TAKE OVER!!!” It was a mile run from VIDA Verizon to the SW side of the National Mall to this small playground. Saturday-8AM at 90°F didn’t stop us. We got down to basics– Pull-ups & Chin Ups (some…more

May 20 2013

VIDA Fitness Boot Camp Soldiers On!

It was a drizzle Saturday morning but, that didn’t stop us -our enthusiastic team!  We ran to Freedom Plaza for a series of circuit training. Then off to the Navy Archives Museum, where there was never ending stair runs, lunges & leap frogs.  Core galore and relay workouts. The main event, or should we say– the highlight was the…more

Apr 15 2013

VIDA Fitness Boot Camp Spring 2013 — Camp Continues

Spring VIDA Fitness Boot Camp continues at VIDA Verizon. Great Job Guys!!! Here’s your homework: Plank exercise is one of the top ten abdominal exercises. This exercise is a great way to flatten your stomach, strengthen your core and improve the endurance of your back and stomach muscles. By strengthening your core, you will strengthen…more

Apr 10 2013

VIDA Fitness Boot Camp Spring 2013 Day One!

Day One of our Spring VIDA Fitness Boot Camp at VIDA Verizon and even though it’s only April it already feels like summer–6:30AM & 62 degrees. This morning, our focus was to set the tone for how VIDA Fitness boot camp will work for the next 6 weeks, without mentally scaring off anyone. We started…more