Aug 21 2017


Help VIDA win the 45 day MYZONE Challenge against two other fitness clubs!

Aug 14 2017

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What’s The Difference?

All dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians. Why does it matter? It may not to you, but here is what’s required to become a Registered Dietitian.

Aug 1 2017

How To Recognize Signs of Heat Stroke

Summer is a glorious time to run, but it can also be dangerous. As your body metabolizes fuel to power your run, it produces a tremendous amount of heat as a by-product. If this heat can’t be lost somehow, the result can be diminished performance, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even death.

Jul 24 2017

Lift Like A Girl: Women & Weightlifting

Why we love seeing women picking up heavy weights, by VIDA Personal Trainer Patrick Merkel.  Look around the gym and you might notice a common theme—a bunch of males dominating the weight room, and women sticking to the cardio machines. The tides are turning. More and more women are getting involved in strength training and…more

Jul 21 2017

Athleta & VIDA Partner for the First “Power to the She” Fitness Party

Are you a fierce badass female? Do you support women empowering themselves to feel strong in their bodies and minds? Do you want to rock out to some killer beats? Do you want to channel your inner KNOCKOUT and POUND goddess? Do you like swag from brands like Athleta, Sephora, Bang Salon, Grape Intentions, Dry…more