Jul 3 2017

The Importance of Shin Angle and Ankle Mobility

I want to start this section off by saying no squat is “perfect”. Squat patterns change on a case to case basis due to differing limb and torso lengths since no two people are the same. That being said, there are definite movements patterns everyone should do to maximize muscle growth, improve strength, and avoid injury.

Jun 27 2017

Coconut Oil: Great For Your Cuticles, Not For Your Ticker.

If you have social media, you probably noticed the frenzy caused by USA Today’s article about coconut oil not being healthy after the American Heart Association released a report advising against the use of it. So, more conflicting information on the internet about what is good for us and what isn’t!

May 30 2017

Yoga With the Nats!

We took the field for the third year of Yoga In The Outfield this Sunday with the Washington Nationals!

May 16 2017

How To Brunch Guilt-Free: Tips From Our Dietitian!

How do we enjoy our social lives without taking a big eraser to all the work we’ve done over the past 8 months (or one week) on our summer bods? Here are some ideas for smart ordering at a few popular DC brunch spots, so you can sip & bite without worrying about that post-brunch bloat!

May 4 2017

VIDA Wins Best Gym in DC!

Thanks for naming VIDA the Best Gym in DC in the 2017 Washington City Paper poll!