Changes at the Fuel Bar!
Jan 15 2016

Changes at the Fuel Bar!

By: Jason Royce

Over the past year, we established a plan to offer healthier products at each VIDA Fuel Bar. We spent quite a bit of time identifying items we no longer wanted to sell based on their ingredients and nutritional value, and at the same time we spent many hours selecting and taste-testing new, healthier and tastier products that we hope you will love as much as we do!So many new exciting options at the Fuel Bar!

We also developed an easier way to identify these products and to help you better understand when to consume them based on their ingredients and nutritional value. We assigned each snack to one of three categories: 1. Quick Energy/Pre-Workout, 2. Recovery/Post-Workout, and 3. Good Snack/Sustained Energy. We also identified key nutritional information for each item such as if the item is Vegan friendly, organic, high in protein, low in fat or low calorie.

We encourage you to drop by the Fuel Bar before or after your workout and try some of our new items from Epic, Simple Squares, Tosi, Orgain and more! You should also give one of our many tasty, protein packed smoothies a try. We’ve tweaked a few of the recipes and added additional options such as pre-workout and post-workout supplement powder blends, multivitamins, spinach, kale, cashews, Greek yogurt, and vegan protein powder to name a few. Our awesome Aura Spa staff even developed a brand new, post-massage smoothie for those who want to detox a bit after a relaxing spa day.

New and exciting items will be added throughout the year at each Fuel Bar location. Keep your eyes out for our new line of cold-pressed juices and Grab-N-Go food items! We’re also excited to announce to our City Vista members the addition of a full service Fuel Bar complete with a full menu of signature VIDA smoothies! Having smoothies available after your workout has been one of your number one requests, and we listened. Construction has already started and we’re scheduled to blend the first Chocolate Monkey in less than two months, so stay tuned!

We’ll also be highlighting one product a month as our featured item, so check back with us on the blog to see what we’re featuring next month!


Interested in having your product sold at the VIDA Fuel Bar? Contact Jason at!