Class Spotlight: Cardio Kickboxing
Feb 25 2015

Class Spotlight: Cardio Kickboxing

Knockout2If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress while breaking a serious sweat to energizing and uplifting music – Kickboxing is the class for you!

I just took this class with Gitanjali for the first time and fell in love with it immediately. I was expecting something slower paced, but Gitanjali’s class is anything but. All the tracks consist of a combination of punches, kicks and twists that are musically driven and choreographed in a way that gives you a total body aerobic workout.

The choreography in our Kickboxing class builds on itself and does incorporate a dance facet into the class, but the moves are straightforward and super easy for anyone to follow along with. As someone who is rhythmically challenged to say the least, I loved that I could join right in and feel like I was keeping up with the rest of the class and getting a great workout at the same time! Some fast-paced, choreography based classes can be discouraging for first-timers, but this is definitely not one of them.

From the warm-up to the cool-down, your heart rate will stay up for the entire duration of the class. Your instructor will guide you through a series of punches, jabs and kicks while moving forward, backward and side to side, adding on a new move every few minutes. As the music gets faster, the pace picks up and you’re getting a full blast cardio workout while still engaging every muscle in your body. Plus, the music is so overpowering and fun that you won’t even realize 45 minutes is up at the end of class!

VIDA Kickboxing instructor Gitanjali Borkar says she loves being able to put her own spin on the class and that you should come prepared to sweat.

“It’s an all original class, the moves are simple, sharp and basic so it’s easy for the crowd to follow and have fun. But it’s also tough – it’s a perfect combination of cardio and strength with a dance aspect too. I find it very cathartic, a great release of stress!” says Gitanjali.

Knockout1This class is ideal for people of all fitness levels because it’s so easy to follow along with. As Gitanjali explained, the moves are uncomplicated but very effective. You’ll learn valuable self defense skills with proper form and technique in a fun environment that makes it easy to give it all you’ve got.

Kickboxing is available at multiple VIDA locations, and should certainly be added to your workout regimen as a fun way to let off some steam at the end (or beginning!) of your work day. Gitanjali’s class will definitely be added to my schedule as much as possible!

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