Class Spotlight: Power Yoga
May 28 2015

Class Spotlight: Power Yoga

Power YogaWe offer a variety of different yoga classes here at VIDA ranging from Vinyasa to athletic and heated to candlelight. One of our most popular, however, (and my personal favorite!) is Power Yoga – available at all VIDA locations.

Power Yoga differs from the typical Vinyasa class in that it’s less flowy and more strength-based. You’ll probably sweat a little more than you would in a typical yoga class, so come prepared to need to freshen up after. Those who enjoy the stress relief and relaxation that yoga provides but also want a chance to push themselves with challenging moves will love the combination of strength and flexibility exercises that Power Yoga offers.

In this class you’ll try more advanced postures, hold poses for longer and have the opportunity to really push yourself deeper into each stretch. You can expect more planks, push-ups and challenging isometric holds and less of the meditative chants and gentle stretching found in other yoga classes. This is your chance to work on your inversions, arm balances and headstands – for those of us that love to be upside-down!

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels can get a quality workout from Power Yoga. This class offers a fresh approach to strength training that builds body awareness – a vital tool for fitness lovers looking to improve their performance.

“Power Yoga allows you to challenge yourself in a new way and learn to respect and care for your body. It’s important to slow down sometimes and be mindful of your movements. Paying attention to these things allows us to have the greatest growth as athletes – and it’s just fun!” says Power Yoga Instructor Christine Kontra.

poweryoga2I loved that this class followed a series of poses but we also had a chance in the end to work on headstands and inversions on our own. You’ll get to work at your individual level instead of having to follow along with the rest of the class the entire time, which is great for those looking to really perfect their form and technique.

While this class does give you an intense workout, you’ll also get the calming release that yoga provides and leave the class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Shavasana feels very rewarding at the end of Power Yoga since you’ve been sweating for the last hour. This is the perfect yoga class for those looking for a more intense workout and for experienced yogis looking to advance their practice. If you’ve ever thought yoga wasn’t challenging enough, take this class and we guarantee you’ll change your mind!


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