Class Spotlight: RIP 45
Apr 25 2015

Class Spotlight: RIP 45

RIP 45

RIP 45

From reading the description of RIP 30 or RIP 45, you may not notice a huge difference versus our other HIIT classes, such as VIDA Xtreme or VIDA Circuit.  However the keyword in the RIP 30/45 description is non-stop – and that part is not to be taken lightly!

As with standard High Intensity Interval Training, RIP 45 (RIP 30 is the shortened version with one less circuit and some extra core thrown in) combines strength training with cardiovascular conditioning to give you an intense full body workout in just 30-45 minutes.  Unlike some of our other signature classes, however, the format for RIP 45 stays the same every time.

In RIP 45 you’ll run through six circuits at a fast pace designed to keep your heart rate up for the entire class. Each circuit consists of strength, cardio, and then core. You’ll start with a full three minutes of strength exercises, then jump straight into two minutes of cardio, and then move to 90 seconds of core exercises which double as your active recovery time. There are no breaks in between – and the next set of strength exercises starts right after core, so make sure your water bottle is close by!

While the strength-cardio-core format stays the same in each class, instructors get to be creative with the moves for each section and change things up each week.

In Colleen’s class, for example, the strength portion included single leg deadlifts, overhead presses, reverse flys and lunge/bicep curl combos, just to name a few (and that really is just a few.) For cardio you can expect a mixture of high-knees, jumping jacks, skaters, and other forms of plyometric fun! Once you’re sweaty and out of breath from all that excitement, the core section gives you a chance to catch your breath while doing all kinds of variations of crunches and planks that target your abdominal muscles.

RIP 45Think that sounds easy enough? Good, get ready to do it six times in a row! Luckily the music is fast-tempo and fun and keeps you energized and ready to tackle the next move all through the class. The lack of breaks really makes the class fly by, and before you know it it’ll be time to stretch and cool down.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in one of Paul Swoish’s RIP 45 classes, be prepared to give it all you’ve got!

“Everyone should be leaving this class sweaty and exhausted. You should be so tired and lightheaded that you can’t talk after, or else I didn’t do my job,” he says.

Although the class is tough, it’s completely customizable to any fitness level based on how much weight you use and how quickly you push yourself through the exercises. Once it’s over and you can breathe again your metabolism will be soaring and will give you that extra boost of energy that only an intense workout can!

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