Foundations Of Yoga: for those new to the mat!
Feb 25 2016

Foundations Of Yoga: for those new to the mat!

Foundations instructor Christine Kontra helping participants with some Warrior Two's!

Foundations instructor Christine Kontra helping participants with some Warrior Two’s!

You know yoga is good for your muscles, mentality and general well-being. But, if you’ve never been on a mat before, doing your first downward dog can be a little intimidating. We realized this, and created Foundations of Yoga as a six week program geared towards getting yoga beginners completely comfortable with basic poses that you’d encounter in a typical yoga class. By the end of the six weeks, you’ll be Warrior-Two’ing like the pros!

The program will take place at Metropole and will be lead by VIDA Yoga Instructors Juliet Stovall, Christine Kontra and Lisa Ternes on a rotating basis. The small group setting allows you to meet your fellow participants, get to know each other’s goals for completing the program, and offer encouragement as you all try the poses together.

The instructors will go over yoga class etiquette, proper attire for a yoga class, the meanings of different yoga terms and will provide explanations to frequently asked yoga class questions. We welcome any and all of your questions, as this meant to be a comfortable & judgement-free learning experience for all participants.

Instructor Juliet Stovall explains that beginning your yoga practice will impact much more than just your moves on the mat.

“I practice Yoga to stay flexible physically and mentally. What I do on the mat translates to what I do off the mat. I can be in touch with how I feel with no judgement. That to me is one of the best reasons to practice Yoga–no judgement,” says Juliet.

Since building flexibility is one of the key aspects of practicing yoga, we welcome anyone who feels like their flexibility could use some work, or those who just enjoy a really good stretch!

“Although it’s called Yoga, it’s a series of connected stretches that are put together seamlessly to form a Yoga practice,” says Juliet.

Our next Foundations series starts on Sunday, March 6th at 4pm. The schedule will be as follows:

Hands on assistance from Christine

Hands on assistance from Christine

Sunday, March 6 with Christine

Sunday, March 13 with Juliet

Sunday, March 20 with Lisa


Sunday, April 3 with Christine

Sunday, April 10 with Lisa

Sunday, April 17 with Juliet

If you have ANY questions at all about the program, or would like to talk one on one with an instructor before signing up please email with any questions.