Get Inspired for 2014 / How to make the most of the new year
Dec 28 2013

Get Inspired for 2014 / How to make the most of the new year

So let’s say that you’re a normal person and have taken a break from your exercise routine and diet over the holidays. You’ve consumed mass quantities of cookies; or you’ve substituted your regular run for family and friend events; or long days of travel or gift-shopping have left you too exhausted to work out. This happens to anyone, and is the reason why “losing weight” is the most popular New Years resolution in America. VIDA Fitness has 5 great locations where you can get Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, and top of the line equipment to help you make 2014 fitness goals come true.

Unfortunately, only 8% of people who make new years resolutions actually stick to them. There is a tempting tendency to be ambitious and set too many goals for the New Year, which inevitably leads to accomplishing none of them. That’s why we’ve created a list to help you make a resolution that is achievable and makes a positive change to your life in 2014.

    1. Pick a theme. It can be easy to want to improve many sectors of life, from money to family to work to your home. But start with one thing you want to focus on. If that’s fitness, then keep reading!


    1. Know yourself. If you’ve struggled in the past with waking up in the morning, then don’t make a resolution to exercise before work. If you thrive on routines, then come up with a time that could work for you to exercise consistently. Similarly, if you know your schedule is unpredictable, don’t set a specific time to work out, but instead make it a goal to exercise whenever an opportune moment presents itself.


    1. Make specific goals. Saying “I want to get in shape” is not specific. “By April 1, I want to be able to run four miles in forty minutes” is.


    1. Along a similar vein, think incrementally. Start small and work your way to getting a little stronger every week. Consistency and patience is key here. If you know you’re an impatient person, perhaps “be patient” could be a related goal under your fitness theme.


    1. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments. It’s not failure if you’re way off track come February 1. Recognizing that something isn’t working is a positive thing, and can prompt effective steps toward change.


    1. Pair up with a friend or loved one. You probably know someone who also wants to get in shape in 2014, so ask them to join you once a week. You’ll have more fun – and are less likely to skip your workouts.


    1. Join a class. Just being with an instructor for an hour or an hour and a half will guarantee that you get a good workout. VIDA Fitness has a slew of Exclusive Classes as well as everyday classes for your fitness needs.


    1. Sign up for a race or equivalent event in the spring to have something to work toward during the cold season. But again, be realistic with your choice on an event. If you’ve never run a 5K race then don’t sign up for a half marathon.


    1. Don’t forget about food. Fitness is a two-way street of exercise and eating right, and though it can be hard to adjust your exercise routine and eating habits simultaneously, you can start making adjustments as soon as January 1 with simple replacements in your refrigerator (think: fat-free yoghurt instead of ice cream, sugar snap peas instead of chips, etc). Fortunately, studies have shown that exercise can control appetite and cravings, so starting predominately with exercise will get you on the right track.


  1. Finally, remember that a resolution is supposed to enhance your life and make you happier, not add a chore to your already-busy schedule. Discard goals that make you feel bad about yourself or stressed out. You should find your resolution to be fun, or eventually be fun – even if it takes some hard work and strategizing in the beginning.


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