New Class Alert: KillerCore!
Jan 29 2015

New Class Alert: KillerCore!

By: Elise Chretien

KillerCore classAs we all know, one of the trickiest places to burn fat and target muscle growth is around your abdomen. Most of us want a flatter, tighter stomach but are unsure about the best methods to get results. It’s easy to pick workouts that target your upper or lower body but finding effective core workouts sometimes takes a little guidance – which is what we’re here for!

We have totally revamped our abs class with a new name, new feel and a new level of intensity called KillerCore. The concept is 15 minutes of total core exercises – not just abs – in a format that will push you to the limits of your physical strength and will continue to challenge you class after class.

KillerCore instructor Gregg Martin at Metropole guarantees that after one class you’ll be hooked.

“When you take the class for the first time, focus on how much you can do without stopping – also try to identify which exercises you can do and which ones you struggle with. All group classes require a certain amount of endurance which you will build as you take it more regularly. After a few weeks you’ll be surprised at the difference in your performance!” says Gregg.

KillerCore is set to fun music and is only 15 minutes long, so the class flies by. If you’re new to group fitness, KillerCore is a great place to start due to the short nature and singular muscle group that the class targets. Plus, in Gregg’s class you’ll get so lost in the music you won’t even notice the burn!

gregg“I really let the music run the show and select songs that are inspiring and motivating. You can forget about everything else in your life (including the burn from the exercises) for 15 minutes and lose yourself in the music. When the music goes faster, we go faster. When it goes slower, we go slower,” says Gregg.

Strengthening your core is essential to improving your overall fitness level and getting those much-coveted abs that we’re all after! Due to the intensity of these workouts, you’ll observe a change in your body almost immediately. As you become a KillerCore regular the exercises will get easier and you’ll notice yourself getting stronger after only a few classes.

“As an instructor one of the best things to hear from members is that they completed a routine for the first time that they were previously unable to do. With dedication to KillerCore, you’ll start seeing results not only in the classroom, but also the ones you’re waiting to see in the mirror,” says Gregg.

Everyone should try this class – at only 15 minutes, you’re in and out. A great option for someone who hasn’t done a class before, or for those with regular weight training schedules who want to ensure they’re not skipping over their core muscles in their workouts.

If you’re around Metropole on Friday nights, make sure to stop in for Gregg’s KillerCore class at 6:30pm! Your abs will thank you.

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