Playground Take Over
Jul 21 2013

Playground Take Over

We took our VIDA Fitness Boot Camp team to the park this morning and it’s a “PLAYGROUND TAKE OVER!!!”

It was a mile run from VIDA Verizon to the SW side of the National Mall to this small playground.

Saturday-8AM at 90°F didn’t stop us.

We got down to basics– Pull-ups & Chin Ups (some assisted bands),

Push-ups(incline & wide ones). Triceps dips that felt like forever! Tons of Abs/Core exercises.

Border Jumps, Step-ups, Border Jumps and last but not the least,–Hanging Knee Raises. And a lot more circuit station routines.

This will be our new added site- hot spot for our boot camp. It’s all kinds of gains, results and hard-work!





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