Q&A with TRX Instructor Alex Miller
Apr 29 2016

Q&A with TRX Instructor Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Alex Miller

We spent some time this month getting to know VIDA Trainer and TRX Instructor at Verizon, Alex Miller! Alex explains the basics of TRX training, why it works so well in a small group format, and why it’s a smart move for clients to branch out and add a new method of training into their routine!

Q: We already know that you are an amazing Personal Trainer! Tell us why you decided to branch out and start teaching TRX?

A: I decided to branch out into teaching TRX because I felt that I needed a vehicle for meeting members/clients that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity interact with while I am training one-on-one. I’ve heard in the past that trainers can be intimidating, and TRX is the perfect way to show that I am knowledgeable but also fun and sometimes silly. I get to pick my own music too, which is always a plus! (I’ll take requests if you’ve got them!)


Q: We have all seen those yellow straps hanging around, but can you explain why TRX is an effective method of resistance training and what can members expect in your class?

A: So, you’ve seen the straps and probably think we’ve gone crazy. We’ll we’re not crazy yet, but give us time. Lets clear a few things up, yes we are sort of going to suspend you from the ceiling, and secondly, of course it will hold you up. YOU are going to be doing all of holding, pulling, pushing and sweating, which is why TRX is so effective. Body weight training has long been proven to be an effective way of toning muscles, building strength, and maintaining stamina. In my class members can expect a full body workout that is full of super sets designed to safely challenge each body part and opposing muscles. This is about strength and endurance so I like to use the clock for at least one minute intervals, also designed to allow me to visit each participant for safety and personal interaction.

Q: When can we expect you pulling, pushing, and instructing this class?

A: I teach in the evenings on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 7:30pm to 8:15pm. Just late enough to bookend those long hard days that our members put in, and just early enough to have some recovery food afterwards, and get a good nights sleep to do it all again the next day.


Q: I’ve never done TRX before! What is the best way for me to try out your class?

A: Email me for a complimentary session!  If you’ve never taken a class before it’s ok, we love new participants, it gives us all a chance to go back to the basics and improve our form which is imperative for success. Send me an e-mail at amiller@vidafitness.com and I will gladly sign you up for a trial class.


Remember: If it was easy, everyone would have it! Get ready to work hard and feel better! See you in class.