Three Things to Know About Morning Grind Boot Camp
Jul 17 2017

Three Things to Know About Morning Grind Boot Camp

Matt Coleman’s boot campers take on the Nats stairs!

At VIDA we don’t limit fitness to the confines of the gym. What better place to sweat it out early in the mornings than outdoors during the DC summer! Our VIDA boot campers meet anywhere from once to four times a week across the district near VIDA locations at The Yards, Verizon, U Street, Metropole, and City Vista. For those of you yet to experience a heated DC boot camp workout, we’ve compiled the basics of all you need to know to get ripped this summer.


No Plateaus, Workouts Constantly Changing

Unlike other outdoor exercise like running that focus on repetitive movement, boot camp classes offer tons of variety in exercises and modifications for each exercise depending on strength, endurance, or physical limitations. To ensure workouts never get boring there is always a new challenge accessible for all. Matt Coleman, boot camp leader at the Yards says his favorite part about teaching summer boot camp classes are “the students, the camaraderie, the sense of adventure in turning the city into your own personal gym. Boot camp is an exciting mix of cardio and strength training that includes running on the Waterfront, scaling the stairs at Nats Park, and executing box jumps outside the DoT building.”


Workouts are Results-Driven

VIDA Boot camps have always been results-driven and now with the updated MYZONE heart rate monitor it’s even easier to access instant feedback with customized workout summaries to track goals and share results with other VIDA members. MYZONE belts keep track of and allow you to share your workouts with friends in real time. Participants in Coleman’s boot camp class tracking workouts through MYZONE typically burn 500+ calories per 45 minute session – plus have the ability to monitor their progress over time! This month VIDA is offering a free MYZONE belt with a purchase of 12-pack of boot camp classes. That’s basically $99 for free!


A Fitness-focused Way to Socialize

Yes, summer is a great time for outdoor happy hours (may we also suggest hanging out at the Penthouse Pool Club) but what better way to start your day than outdoors, working out, among friends?! Members remark how not only are they challenged and see results from week to week but also have built strong connections with their fellow members.

“Getting out of bed early to get my workout in before work isn’t always easy, but boot camp gives me something to look forward to. It’s a fun, social workout that brings out my competitive side and challenges me to better, faster, and stronger. Being outside is definitely a nice way to spice up my workout routine, plus I’m done and ready to attack the day, all before 7:00am!” says regular boot camper Desiree Kennedy.

Fellow boot camper and VIDA member Teneshia Sylve added, “Boot camp is a fun and productive start to the day because I’m wide awake and energized by the time I go to work. I get to improve my fitness and hang out with awesome people at the same time.”
Ready to join the boot camp team? Check the VIDA website and search by location for the complete boot camp schedule, and  click here to take advantage of our free MYZONE offer with a 12 pack purchase!

By: Guest Blogger & VIDA Instructor Kelly Berry