Tips to Keep You From Gobbling and Wobbling this Holiday Season
Nov 6 2015

Tips to Keep You From Gobbling and Wobbling this Holiday Season

Christmas CookiesHello, November, and welcome, holiday season!  Whether you love everything Thanksgiving and Chrismakwanzika or not, everyone is faced with the same challenges this time of year: wavering motivation to hit the gym (aka hibernation mode), faltering self-control over holiday treats, and trying to navigate a busier schedule of social engagements than usual.

It’s these challenges that usually leave us feeling pretty crummy come New Years and thinking we need to lose some over-exaggerated number of pounds and cut every carb to be found in our diet in January (P.S. don’t do that, it’s bad for you). Now let’s pump the brakes for a minute. First of all, some ground rules for the holiday season:

1.) Enjoy yourself, your family, and your friends.

2.) Understand that enjoying yourself doesn’t have to involve copious amount of food or drink.

3.) If you do over-indulge, tell yourself to make smarter choices next time, go break a sweat, and get over it.

4.) Try putting a couple of these tips in to action over the course of November and December and see how much better you’ll feel come New Year’s.


Beware of the Workplace Food Fests

The holiday potlucks and festive candy dishes are coming, which also means the opportunity to graze and pick at treats all day long.

It may seem innocent, but all that grazing and sporadic grabbing of candy when you make your way in and out of the office for meetings can add up to a significant weight gain this holiday season if you’re not careful.

Put some boundaries in place regarding how much you’re going to fill up your plate and that you’re only going to visit the food table once. If you really have a hard time with staying in control at work potlucks, still bring your own healthy lunch to eat and then grab a small helping of one or two of the things you want to try the most.

As far as that candy dish goes, make it your Friday treat or something, no one needs a Reese’s Christmas tree everyday.


Sign-up for Fun Fitness Events

Themed fun runs, charitable races, turkey trots, there are plenty of seasonal events you can have fun at while fitting in a good workout.

Look for events in your neighborhood (and at the various VIDA locations…we love a good themed workout!) and do that instead of brunch for a couple weekends during the holiday season. Torching calories, spending time with friends, and enjoying the beauty of DC in fall/early winter…what’s not to love?


Take Advantage of Perks

Did you know that when you first sign up at VIDA you get a VIDA Fit session with a personal trainer and you can also nix the enrollment fee and get a sweet deal on TRX sessions, Pilates Reformer classes, and personal training sessions instead?

If you signed up awhile ago, you may have forgotten about these perks, but no worries, they’ll still be on your account, just pop in to your membership consultant’s office or shoot them an email asking to get on the schedule. And if you haven’t signed up yet, get in touch with the VIDA nearest you and we’ll get you ready to go!

Although the perks are available all year-round, we have to say, having those one-on-one and small group sessions come holiday season is a blessing for staying accountable during the busiest time of the year!

P.S. – If you don’t have these perks on your account because you used them up, now’s a great time to print out this blog post and highlight this section about how your loved one should totally get you the gift of fitness this holiday season with a VIDA Fitness gift card that can be used on all of our small group and PT offerings. 😉

Hold a Challenge with Your Coworkers

We love a good, friendly competition here at VIDA, and we think you should give it a try over at your workplace, too!

Whether you only have a few coworkers participate, or the whole department, come up with a fitness challenge (push-ups, number of workouts per month, etc.) and prize to incentivize.

Here’s a few starter ideas:

  • Everyone throws in $5-10 to participate in the fitness challenge, winner gets the pot.
  • Create a workout challenge, whoever misses a certain number of workouts has to pay $5, all the money at the end goes to your work’s charitable cause or goes to buying cans of food for a local food bank drive.
  • Create a workout challenge, winner get’s a gift card to a lunch spot near by.

It’ll take a little organization, but we promise you’ll have fun while getting fit, which is a great prize no matter what.

So those aren’t too difficult right? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when you put these tips to use and we promise to be your holiday season health and fitness cheerleaders!

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