Class Spotlight: VIDA RX
Mar 27 2015

Class Spotlight: VIDA RX

One of our most popular VIDA classes is VIDA RX – the barbell based workout that hits every major muscle group one at a time to musically driven choreography. This class is a favorite for our members for obvious reasons – you get a full body workout and are in and out in just an hour, a feat that would be difficult to accomplish working out on your own.

For those unfamiliar with the class, VIDA RX takes you through a full array of traditional strength training exercises in this order: squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, legs (again, I know) shoulders and core. For each track you’ll use a barbell with adjustable weight plates or dumbbells of your choice to complete 5-6 minutes of repetitions focusing on that muscle group alone.

VIDA RX instructor Luke Hudnall says it’s his favorite class to teach since it’s one of the only classes that use weights the entire time.

“I love that you’re not limited to just your body weight – you can continue to add more and do as much as you want. It’s the only class that gives you that option for the whole time,” says Luke.

This class is perfect for those new to weight training that need to learn proper lifting form and technique. The classroom setting is less intimidating than being out on the floor on your own, and it’s easy for first-timers to catch on to the movements by watching and learning from other class participants.

The low weight, high rep style of the class is also what makes VIDA RX a totally different experience than, say, doing squats on a Smith machine. Rather than maxing out on weight and doing a few reps with multiple breaks in between, you’re doing 5-6 minutes of reps with lower weights but no breaks. Your muscles will be just as (if not more) fatigued from that short amount of intense strength training than by spreading it out over half an hour on your own.

Luke agrees wholeheartedly that RX is the perfect class for people to really perfect their form as weightlifters, whether you’re just starting out or doing it every day.

“I always demonstrate proper form and try to cue preemptively exactly how to do an exercise. Even those who have been doing it for awhile can sometimes use reminders,” he says.

An important thing for active lifters to know before taking VIDA RX is to not be discouraged if you can’t do as much weight during the class as you would use on your own. The high rep nature of the class is designed to give you a different workout than a heavy lifting series would, so it’s totally normal to go down in weight. After doing the class for a while, you’ll probably notice that you’re able to go up in weight during regular lifting due to the muscular endurance that VIDA RX builds.

While each instructor follows the same class format for VIDA RX, they do have flexibility to pick and choose their favorite tracks for each muscle group and add their own personality to the tracks.

“I’ve been told my teaching style is very happy and peppy – maybe almost too peppy,” he laughs. “But if you’re waking up at 6am to come take my class, I want you to be happy to be there,” he says.

VIDA RX does have a tendency to get a little packed, so get there early to ensure you’ll have space to set up your bench. We also have a brand new RX release coming your way on April 15th, so get ready for some new music and choreography that will change it up on your muscles and keep them challenged!

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