VIDA Featured Instructor — Kip Plaisted
Feb 24 2015

VIDA Featured Instructor — Kip Plaisted

Kip Plaisted

Kip Plaisted

Kip Plaisted joined the VIDA Family back in 2009, after moving from Maine to DC. He currently teaches RX and KillerCore multiple times a week at our Metropole, U Street and Verizon locations. If you’ve been in one of Kip’s classes, you know that they involve hard work, sweat and being able to laugh as part of a great workout routine!

While Kip was still living in Maine, he realized he was unhappy with his body and needed to make a change. He started taking some classes at a local gym and eventually began building some confidence in himself. Once he realized he could start teaching classes and helping others who were in his position, he got certified and never looked back!

Kip has been teaching RX here at VIDA for about five years now, and says it gives him a nice change of pace from his other occupation as a 7th grade English teacher for DCPS.

“It’s nice to have that outlet of working with adults who actually show up to my class voluntarily,” jokes Kip.

Keeping things lighthearted and fun is a big part of Kip’s teaching style, and makes his classes much more enjoyable to get through! He keeps participants engaged from start to finish by joking around, asking questions and interacting with members throughout each exercise.

Kip’s classes are a great stress relief – both for him and his members. He explains that it’s essential for him to get that hour workout in either before or after spending his day with his middle schoolers.

“I think sometimes my teaching styles overlap. I once told my 7th graders to put their plates away at the end of the period. Oops!” he says with a laugh.

Kip currently teaches RX at the following times: Mondays 7pm (U Street), Wednesday & Fridays 6am (U Street), Tuesdays 5:30pm (Metropole) Wednesdays 6:45pm (Metropole) and Sundays at 10am (Verizon.) He also teaches KillerCore at 6:30pm on Tuesdays at Metropole.

When asked what his favorite exercise is, Kip replies with “Sit-ups. Because I think I have an ab in there somewhere, and I don’t want it to go away.”

We totally know that feeling, Kip!

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