VIDA Featured Instructor: Luke Hudnall
Mar 28 2015

VIDA Featured Instructor: Luke Hudnall

Luke Hudnall

Luke Hudnall

You may recognize Luke Hudnall as the first smiling face you see when walking into our Verizon location. Or perhaps you’ve sweated your butt off with him in RX, cycle, MIT or RIP 30 – classes he teaches at Verizon, U Street, the Yards, Metropole and City Vista.

Although he has had an excellent experience as Front Desk Manager at Verizon for the past four years, Luke is planning to shift gears in the next couple months and expand his passion for teaching by moving to group fitness full time.

“At the front desk I was all about helping people discover what they were passionate about and what they wanted to turn into their career. For me, it’s time to explore my love for teaching and focus on that for a little while,” says Luke.

Luke started at VIDA four years ago after receiving his personal training certification and working at other gyms in the area. After a couple years he began to try out group fitness – starting with Pound Rockout, the musically driven full-body workout using Ripstix to create a beat while torching calories. He started teaching RX next, and has since added MIT, RIP 30 and cycle to his teaching schedule (all while managing the front desk at Verizon – you can say he keeps busy!)

His favorite thing about teaching? Getting to constantly switch gears and try new approaches.

“I love that you can always try something new as an instructor. If you get tired of one approach you can try something different. I love going to other instructors classes and experiencing their teaching styles,” he says.

As for his own teaching style – Luke has been described as “very happy” and “extremely peppy” by his students. He credits this to wanting to make sure his class-goers are having a great time, especially if they’re waking up at 6 a.m. just to come to his classes!

Luke HudnallLuke says that studying nutrition in school is what got him into fitness originally, though he has always been an avid biker and runner. He is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree online at Old Dominion University in
Public Health, a subject matter that compliments being a fitness instructor nicely.

“I’ve always liked fitness for a purpose. I like the energy of having all the people in my classes moving together and on the same page,” he says.

Luke has several other hobbies besides teaching, including baking and singing in a local church choir!

“I’m doing this bread challenge right now where I make a new type of bread every week. I like to explore with different wheats, grains, quinoa flour, etc. Right now I’m making my own sour dough starter, and I always make all the cupcakes and cookies for events at the front desk,” he adds with a laugh.

Luke will officially make the switch to teaching full time on May 1st, so if you’ve enjoyed his classes before, get ready to see a lot more of him in the group fitness studios! He also has his eye on TRX & Pilates Reformer as his next programs to add to his repertoire in the coming months – so stay tuned!

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