VIDA Fitness Member Highlight – Melva Jones
Feb 27 2014

VIDA Fitness Member Highlight – Melva Jones

personal-trainerTell us a little more about yourself.

I am a local event planner who has been a member of VIDA for at least three years. I love it so much that I commute from Maryland almost every day to make it to the gym.

Why are you using a personal trainer?

I hired a personal trainer because I needed someone to hold me accountable and I was struggling to meet my weight and fitness goals. Also, it helped when my doctor pulled my BMI and flat out told me “you need to loose.” I wanted to be healthier and just didn’t know how.

What do you like most about your trainer?

I LOVE Craig Davenport. He is the best trainer ever. I like that our workouts are varied and include asking me about my diet. I like that he is knowledgeable but also Craig is very patient with me because sometimes the gym is intimidating when many people can do stuff physically that I could only dream of. Craig never compares, the time you have with him he is completely focused and most importantly I have lost weight, like a lot of weight where people are starting to notice :).

What is your main goal?

I don’t have just one main goal but rather three. 1. I would like to loose 25 more lbs (and I am on my way); 2. I would like to run a 1/2 marathon (already registered and training. The marathon is March 15 and I never ran a day in my life) and 3. I would like to increase my flexibility.

How has Craig helped you reach your goals?

Has Craig helped me? YES. I am fitting into clothes that were collecting dust in my closet. I actually prefer healthier options than fried food (but yes, I still have fried food on occasion) and I am doing things that physically I never thought I could do. I mean I was legitimately fat and now I am running a 1/2 marathon crazy or one time VIDA had this thing where you could do four classes in a row and I did it and didn’t die. Craig has helped me change my life and I will forever love him for that. Now training isn’t cheap but Craig makes it worth every single penny.

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