Aug 21 2017


myzoneAttention MYZONE users – we need your help!

As you all know, using MYZONE brings out a little friendly competition in all of us. You’re more likely to put in those extra minutes of cardio when you see you’re only 20 MEPs away from your friend on the monthly leaderboard, or to push a little harder so you don’t get called out for being in green while everyone else is in yellow during a cycle class.

Well, the stakes have just been raised and we need all of our MYZONE users to bring their A-game this September! We have been invited to a 45 day challenge against two other fitness clubs – The Atlantic Club in New Jersey and Club Sport in California! Both these clubs are similar in size to VIDA, and they seem to think their members can out-work us this Fall. (Not gonna happen.)

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll receive an invitation in the MYZONE app to opt-in to our challenge. Hit ‘accept,’ and you’re in!
  • Earn as many MEPs as humanly possible from September 1st – October 15th. We track everything on the back end, no need to do anything else!
  • The club with the most combined MEPs from their Top 100 users wins!
  • Important note: there is no credit for grey or black zone MEPs, only Blue, Green, Yellow & Red. Meaning leaving your belt on while walking home won’t contribute to the challenge – only putting in work at 60% or above!


For every VIDA member who earns at least 4,000 MEPs during the challenge, VIDA will donate $10 to ALS TDI (up to $5,000.) Not only will we claim our title as MYZONE champions we’ll help out a great cause too!

If we win, each of our Top 100 users will receive a prize! Don’t have a MYZONE yet? Get yours here just in time for the challenge! You can also get your MYZONE free with a 12 pack of Personal Training this month by clicking here.