What Really Happens When You Cut Out Sugar?
Apr 23 2015

What Really Happens When You Cut Out Sugar?

No Sugar Challenge VIDA member Dominic C. made the decision to cut sugar out of his diet after being unsatisfied with his health and fitness progress. Read his story below to learn what drastic improvements he experienced after only a few days!

“I am a monthly client of Cat’s since April 2014.  My primary goal in working with Cat has been to normalize my eating behavior, with the long term goal of losing weight and becoming healthier.  I was sick and tired of all the diet plans and schemes – nothing seemed to work.  During the first six months of our working together, my progress was inconsistent, and I became very frustrated. Cat wasn’t sure what more she could do to help me.  It was then I realized that it was ME that needed to become willing to do the work.  Cat mentioned to me the upcoming No-Added Sugar Challenge that was starting in late-November.  At first, I thought it was odd to try this challenge during the three weeks leading up into the holidays, but I thought, “why not give it a try?”  I started the day after Thanksgiving, even though the official challenge did not start until the following week. The first few days were tough, especially with all the holiday treats and sweets surrounding me at holiday parties and family events. I replaced my cravings for sugar with oranges, blueberries, mangos, etc.  I switched to unsweetened soy milk and chose foods with no/low sugar added wherever possible. I noticed how much better I felt almost instantaneously! My body and mind felt more awake, sharp, and clear.  The challenge got easier, and I didn’t miss the sugar.  Now, when I do crave something sweet, I just grab an orange or raspberries and my sweet tooth is satisfied.  I have been sugar free for more than 20 weeks and am going strong – I like how I feel and the pounds are coming off nicely.   Thanks Cat for being there for me – I can’t do it without you!”

-Dominic C.

If you’d like to join in on our current No Sugar Challenge and start feeling better yourself, contact cpalomaa@vidafitness.com!

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