May 20 2013

VIDA Fitness Boot Camp Soldiers On!

It was a drizzle Saturday morning but, that didn’t stop us -our enthusiastic team!  We ran to Freedom Plaza for a series of circuit training. Then off to the Navy Archives Museum, where there was never ending stair runs, lunges & leap frogs.  Core galore and relay workouts. The main event, or should we say– the highlight was the 2-Minutes BURPEE Challenge! Goal was 50 reps. in 2 minutes.  Everyone did very good with their personal record, 32; 28; 41 reps… Something to look forward to and to build up for our Summer Boot Camp! 🙂


May 16 2013

Hit (the roof of) the gym

At a recent cycling class at Vida Fitness on U Street, Alexx Zamudio, 33, group fitness program director, had an important question for his students: “Did you put your suntan lotion on?” Muscles weren’t the only body parts that had the potential to burn during this 90-minute session on the gym’s roof deck, which is where he’s planning to spend a good chunk of his summer.

To read the entire story at the Washington Post please click here.


May 7 2013

What’s best for Breakfast

There may be no one who understands the concept that food is fuel better than fitness professionals. After all, when it’s your job to exercise all day, you’re going to need some serious stamina.

And what better meal to fuel a day of workout after workout than breakfast? Although some of us may still be tempted to skip a morning meal, breakfast eaters benefit from a number of perks, including feeling more energized throughout the day.

But what do the experts themselves think? We asked some high-profile fitness pros what they eat for breakfast. Check out their morning meals in the slideshow here.