Sep 29 2015

After The Baby Bootcamp: Fun & Fitness for New Moms

babyFor new moms, balancing caring for a newborn and trying to get back into the swing of a regular workout schedule can be challenging. Your body has gone through some significant changes since your pre-baby size, and you probably won’t be able to jump right into the same level of intensity of workouts that you were doing before.

That’s where our VIDA Fitness After the Baby bootcamp comes in!

After the Baby is a six week program designed for moms who are looking for a safe way to rebuild strength, increase endurance and bump up their metabolism to get them back in their pre-baby shape (or even better!) Whether you’re six weeks, six months or six years post-partum, this program can help any new mom jump start their fitness routine.

So what’s a typical class like? You can expect some Pilates-based movements, Barre exercises and core-strengthening moves to cultivate stability and proper alignment in the hips, pelvis, abs and lower back. You’ll build strength and focus on healing the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles, plus burn fat and tone up the entire body.

After the Baby is lead by instructor (& mom) Betsy Miller & Metropole Group Fitness Manager Collen Palomaa.

“This a great program for new Moms because we focus on building strength, particularly core strength, safely and effectively.  The class is also perfect for meeting fellow parents in the area–plus Betsy and I love teaching it and customizing the workouts to fit the group,” says Colleen.

This class meets in small groups (no more than 10 people per instructor) so you’ll always have individual attention from the instructor and tons of encouragement. It’s also a great place to meet other new moms and form friendships (your little ones could always use more play dates, right?!)


Sep 25 2015

Spicing Up Our U Street Team: Meet Adriana Sanchez!

AdrianaThere’s a new face around our U Street location, and you’ve probably seen her firing up a group of early morning RX participants or leading a spin class or two. Her name is Adriana Sanchez, and she’s our new Group Fitness Manager at U Street!

Adriana has been with us for a little over a month now, after relocating from Houston, Texas to join the VIDA family. She’s got a background in dance, performance (she was one of the star majorettes, or baton twirlers on her high school team!) and has natural leadership skills that make her a perfect fit for our group fitness department.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2003, Adriana was pursuing a career in her major, Engineering, but wasn’t crazy about the field. She started taking group fitness classes during a 10-day trial period at a gym outside of Houston, and quickly developed a passion for the high-energy environment.

“I found an instructor I really liked, and I basically became his groupie. He encouraged me to start teaching, so I got certified and started teaching strength training and kickboxing classes at 24 Hour Fitness,” she says.

She’s now been teaching for over 13 years and says she loves empowering others through group fitness.

“I have a performance background, so I’m used to being on stage. I love being able to deliver a captivating and motivating experience for my students and help them achieve things they never thought possible,” she says.

While working as the Group Fitness Manager for Lifetime Fitness in Houston, Adriana started working closely with a personal trainer and learning more about kinesiology and exercise science. She quickly learned that her interest in engineering, i.e. the way that things work, applied to human movement as well.

“I really wanted to work one on one with people and be able to help them reach their fitness goals by correcting muscular imbalances, identifying joint dysfunctions, and creating customized programs designed to fit each individual’s specific needs,” says Adriana.

She started incorporating little things she learned through studying personal training into her group fitness classes, which improved the quality of her classes by giving participants more options and modifications. In 2007 she got her personal training certification and started accepting clients of her own!

At this time Adriana decided to not only focus on improving her clients’ fitness levels, but to take hers to the next level as well. She started training for her first fitness competition, and after several months of clean nutrition and training stepped on stage for the first time at the Europa Supershow BSN Hot Body Contest in Dallas, TX. This 2007 show was the first of many, and she has since become a top-ranking Figure Athlete in both local and national shows. Her most recent and impressive accomplishment is placing top 3 as a Professional Fitness Athlete in the World’s Fitness America competition just last year!

During her time competing (and having to take a year off for an ACL injury,) Adriana combined her love for performing with her passion for empowering others by becoming a competition coach. She assisted with posing clinics and coached participants through proper nutrition and training, all while building her own independent personal training business full time.Adriana

To say she’s well rounded in the world of fitness would be an understatement! Before leaving Houston she was coaching for fitness competitors, training her own clients, running a series of outdoor bootcamps and was the designated fitness specialist for several large Houston companies in their wellness centers. So what made her move halfway across the country to start over somewhere new?

“I started to really miss the club environment. I wanted to challenge myself on a personal and professional level and I started to consider relocating to a new city. I came across the VIDA job listing, applied online, and got a call requesting an interview very soon after!” she says.

After packing her bags and saying goodbye to her Houston family, Adriana made the move across the country to bring her wide range of experience and plenty of new ideas to VIDA. She’s excited about the new opportunities she faces in a brand new gym and city and has been off to a great start so far!

“Everyone has been so welcoming. I’m excited to get to try some new concepts here and the opportunities I have to grow my skills as a fitness professional,” she says.

Some of these ideas include new small group training programs with an Adriana-twist, and bringing her own style and flavor to our already popular VIDA classes. She currently teaches VIDA RX, VIDA Xtreme, Cycle, Spin & Sculpt & Zumba at U Street, and is looking forward to running the Marine Corps Marathon this October!

Pop in and try a class with Adriana if you haven’t yet, and join us in giving her a warm welcome to the nation’s capitol!

Sep 17 2015

Stay Focused On Fitness this Fall at VIDA!

Fall FitnessDid you know the average person gains 9 lbs over the holidays? With the combination of indulgent holiday dinners, colder weather and back to back holiday parties, it’s easy to let your health and fitness regimen slide a little during this time of year. However, this Fall at VIDA Fitness we’re fighting back!

Our goal is to help you stay on track this Fall, so you won’t feel like you’re starting over from square one come January 1st. You’ve worked your butt off all summer to keep your body healthy and fit, so why lose it now? We’re here to help keep your eye on the prize this Fall, and we’re doing so by hosting a series of fun, fitness themed events and programs all season long, starting with our Health Expo the first of October!

Mark your calendars for the events below, and we hope to see you (and your friends!) at our Health Expo, running with us at our first 5k, and completing tons of sweaty boot camp sessions in between. We’ll continue to update this list as we receive more details on specific programs and events, so stay tuned.

Thursday, October 1st

VIDA Fitness Health Expo
Launch of Healthy Habits Nutrition Program – email for more info!

Tuesday, October 6th

5k Race-Prep programs start at all VIDA locations, contact to sign up for the location most convenient for you!

Tuesday, October 13th

Nutrition Seminar Topic #1: Anti-Inflammatory Foods w/ Cat & Alayna. Anti-Inflammation, high antioxidant foods, omega 3’s, reducing pro-inflammatories. Spotlight on pumpkin: health benefits and recipes! U Street & Verizon.

Saturday, October 24th

Walk to End HIV: the first 20 registrants using code ‘VIDA15’ receive a free entry! Plus our instructors will be leading the warm-up activity!

Sunday, October 25th

Non-member Yoga class at Metropole with experienced Yogi Juliet Stovall – open to the public! 3pm.

Monday, October 26th:

Start of Fall Boot Camp

Saturday, November 7th

Ovarian Cancer Cycle Ride at the Yards. Register now and start raising money for a great cause!

Tuesday, November 11th

Nutrition Seminar Topic #2: Savvy Substitions & Healthy Alternatives for Holiday Cooking w/ Cat & Alayna. U Street & Verizon.

Saturday, November 14th

VIDA Thrive 5k benefiting Thrive DC at Hains Point

Saturday, November 21st

Pumpkin Workout with Alexx

Sunday, November 29th

Non-member Barre class at Verizon with Tami DeVitis – open to the public!

Tuesday, December 1st

Nutrition Seminar Topic #3: Launch of December Nutrition Challenge w/ Cat & Alayna. U Street & Verizon.

Monday, December 7th

Start of Holiday Boot Camp – the last Boot Camp of 2015!

Sunday, December 13th

Non-member Cycle class at City Vista – open to the public!


Show us how you’re making healthy choices this season by using #HealthyHolidays in your social media posts! Adding some extra workouts to balance out that Halloween candy overdose? Swapping sweet potatoes for regular potatoes at Thanksgiving? We want to know! Here’s to having the fittest Fall yet & staying healthy this Holiday season!

Sep 15 2015

New 6-Week Cardio Barre Challenge at City Vista!

Mix your Cardio & Barre together in this hot new program at City Vista!

The Cardio Barre Challenge is a full body-toning, 55-minute high-energy strength & cardio exercise routine that fuses dance-inspired barre work & light weights with continual fat burning motion to sculpt lean muscle, strengthen the core, and boost your weight loss potential!barre

This workout guides you through several basic result-driven moves that will activate the core, strengthen the back and challenge the abdominals to promote beautiful posture and improve balance. While the moves are low impact, high intensity intervals of cardio & strength training followed by deep stretching.

Sculpt a lean, toned, & sexy dancer’s physique!  In this intimate setting, learn to exercise proper form to get the most out of each move as you slim the waistline & tone up with Cardio Barre Instructor, Christa Aiken


Meets Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am in the Inner Fitness Studio starting September 30th-Nov 6th.  Only 12 spaces are available, so Contact to reserve your spot today!

Sep 11 2015

VIDAWorld2015: The Winners!

You guys have been traveling the world all summer (we’re totally jealous,) and snapping the selfies to show it. Our #VIDAWorld2015 contest ran from Memorial Day through Labor Day this year and received dozens of VIDA members posing, jumping, flexing and smiling on nearly every continent (we were just missing Antarctica!) The rules were simple: snap a photo of yourself with your VIDA shirt while traveling somewhere exotic, tag it with #VIDAWorld2015 on social media and you’re done!

With over 30 submissions it was extremely difficult to pick a winner, as so many of the photos were unique, creative and included amazing scenery. However, after much discussion we are excited to announce our top three finalists that demonstrated not only a breathtaking background but interaction with the environment as well!

Congratulations to our first, second and third place winners below, and thank you to EVERYONE who participated in #VIDAWorld2015 and for sharing your travels with us!

First place: One year of free membership Harlye Carlton – the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.) in Tanzania, Africa

First place: One year of free membership – Harlye Carlton posing at the top of the hike up Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.) in Tanzania, Africa! Awesome accomplishment, guys!

Second place: 6 months free membership Franco Russo – with the Naura Primary School in Naura Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

Second place: 6 months free membership – Franco Russo with the students of Naura Primary School in Naura Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Loving those headdresses!

Third place: $150 Aura spa giftcard - Whit Abraham!

Third place: $150 Aura spa giftcard – Whit Abraham & his wife stopped for some sunrise yoga on a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon!