Jan 29 2016

New Kettlebell Program at Metropole!

KettleBells We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Kettlebell training program at Metropole! This program will meet twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays at 8am) with VIDA personal trainer Will Thompson.

Kettlebell training is unique in the sense that it activates many different muscle groups simultaneously, which elevates the heart rate for a killer cardiovascular workout . There are over a hundred different exercises that can be performed with kettlebells, so you’ll hit every major muscle group with  a mixture of skill-building and circuit training exercises.

In Will’s program, you’ll learn how to use kettlebells safely and effectively through a fun but challenging 50 minute class. Intensity of the sessions are totally modifiable by using different size kettlebells, lower repetitions, etc., which means people of all fitness levels are welcome to attend!

So what’s a session like? Will explains that he emphasizes proper form first and then moves on to more advanced movements.


VIDA trainer Will Thompson leading a Kettlebells demo for our Metropole team!

“Kettlebells are a modality that many pepole use incorrectly, but could benefit greatly from using them correctly. They target your posterior muscles and the entire kinetic chain, which include muscles that are often neglected from being sedentary throughout the day.” says Will.

Kettlebell training done right builds long, lean muscles, improves strength and power in your upper & lower body, strengthens your core as well as increases coordination, joint mobility and overall endurance. And don’t worry, you’ll definitely feel it the next day!

“It’s a great method for intense strength & metabolic conditioning without any running or jumping involved. You can expect to feel it in muscles you forgot existed,” says Will.

Wanna try out a session? Email and we’ll get you all set up!

Jan 28 2016

How to Indulge the Healthy Way

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula

Ice cream, bottomless mimosas, a giant cupcake from Baked & Wired, or a homemade Ted’s Tart from Ted’s Bulletin might be on the list for things you love to indulge in, don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to stop having those things.

 After all, moderation is key. We know swearing off some of your favorite vices will only lead to a binge session later, but in that same vein, have those things too often and it’s not really a treat anymore.

 One of the biggest factors in people getting derailed from their health and fitness goals is feeling like they can’t control their cravings and need for indulgences, but what if you didn’t have to hold back so much?

 What if, instead, what you needed to do was shift your mindset to indulge the healthy way?

 Re-think Treating Yourself

 Most people think of treating themselves in the form of food and drink because that’s just how our society has framed the word indulgence.

 Well, any fan of the show Parks and Recreation knows that the art of “treating yo’ self” has little to do with food and more to do with giving yourself a gift that you’ll truly enjoy, one that typically lasts longer than a 45-minute brunch. (If you’re not a fan of Parks and Rec, treat yourself to this quick video to see what we mean.)

 Instead of automatically defaulting to food when you’re in the mood to give yourself a treat for getting through a hectic work week, hitting a goal, or to cheer yourself up, think about what other things can bring you more happiness in the long-term.

 Make it About Self-Care

 Now this is the part where we make treating yo’ self a healthy practice.

 If we’re going to shift our mindset from rewards being food and drink to something else not as detrimental to our health and fitness goals, we want to go in the opposite direction, which would be indulgence in self-care.

Self-care practices can vary widely from taking time to meditate in the morning, to giving yourself an extra 15 minutes to enjoy the sauna, to getting a massage, or simply taking time to drink your morning coffee without looking at a screen.

Find something that gives you joy in addition to benefiting your well being, and treat yourself to that. Even if you don’t have a solid reason other than working really hard and feeling like you deserve it.

DC Cupcakes

Give Yourself Milestones

At this point you may tossing your hands up in the air saying “Yeah, if I could treat myself to an afternoon at the spa every week, I’d happily do it!”

Now hold up.

We understand that looking at indulgences in this mindset can cost a lot more than buying a fancy cupcake every week, but that’s why it’s crucial to incorporate milestones to keep you on track and motivated.

If you’re truly treating a treat as a treat, once a week might be too often to gift yourself a more costly indulgence, so save those things for the big milestones like hitting a quota at your job, landing a new account, or finishing your goal of working up to running 5 miles straight. Whatever it is, put big prize items on your bigger goals.

For something smaller like powering through a crazy week at work or getting your entire house de-cluttered and clean, treat yourself to a new book and some time to curl up and read it. Smaller accomplishment, smaller treat.

All in all, there’s no problem with giving ourselves a treat for a job well done, it only starts to become a problem when we over-reward ourselves with things that don’t benefit our overall wellbeing.

So we want to know, what are your favorite healthy ways to treat yo’ self? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Jan 25 2016

New to the Fuel Bar: Lumi Juice!

By: Jason Royce

Introducing Lumi Juice!

Lumi1There are a lot of juice options on the market these days and we know it can be a little overwhelming for consumers. We were a bit overwhelmed ourselves when it came to selecting a juice line to offer at our Fuel Bars! But after considering and tasting juices from several vendors, we selected Lumi Juice and we want to take a minute to tell you all about it.

Lumi juices are created using a cold-pressing process with hundreds of pounds of fresh, certified organic produce and ingredients. After the produce is washed, prepped and ground using a slow-moving blade, a hydraulic press is introduced that extracts all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables while preserving all the good stuff like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and flavor. Once bottled, another process applies extreme water pressure to inactivate harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This process, known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), never involves heat pasteurization or chemicals which destroys all those important vitamins and minerals and allows for a fresh squeezed taste every time in every bottle of Lumi. HPP also inactivates harmful organisms like Listeria, Salmonella and E. Coli. Yuck!

Did you know most commercially processed juices sold in supermarkets are pasteurized and the vitamin and mineral composition in those juices are decreased by over 65%? Oh, and about those household juicers? Most use a centrifugal method of extraction which grinds and squeezes out the juice with a high-speed blade. This is a faster process but because of the heat generated, it can compromise the nutritional content and juice flavor. Blending juices at home is certainly a great way to introduce essential nutrients into your body, but with Lumi’s cold-pressed juices you’re drinking a consistently higher quality juice which allows an instant infusion of those critical- and yummy- vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients into your bloodstream boosting your energy and immune system.Lumi2

Lumi uses only quality, organic ingredients in their juices: Apples, beets, carrots, celery, collard greens, cucumbers, grapefruit, kale, lemons, limes, mango, mint, oranges, parsley, pineapples, and spinach. Phew! Two pounds of fruits and vegetables are squeezed into every single 16 ounce bottle. And what about sugar and other additives you might ask? The only sugar found in Lumi juice is naturally occurring sugar (9-19g depending on the juice) and the only additive found in each bottle is love. For real! Lumi is so serious about the process and attention put into their products, their company slogan is “Love U Mean It!”

Whether your already a juice drinker or curious about the benefits of cold-pressed juices, pick up a bottle of Lumi from the Fuel Bar. We know that some juices can be an acquired taste and it might “take time,” especially for those new to juice, but we’re confident that once you give it a go and experience the benefits you’ll love Lumi!

So, have you had your #fruits and #veggies today? #LoveUMeanIt

Jan 23 2016

U Street/City Vista Closing at 5pm

Our U Street and City Vista locations will close at 5pm today to ensure all of our employees can get home safely. Thank you all for your understanding!

As of this time Metropole is open normal hours this evening.

Stay safe!!

Jan 21 2016

Weekend Storm Schedule

Please note the following information regarding our hours during this weekends storm.

Our Verizon Center & Yards location will be CLOSED this Saturday & Sunday due to the impending snowstorm.

Renaissance will be open 7am-10pm Saturday, and 7am-7pm Sunday.

U Street, City Vista & Metropole will be open as usual all weekend long with all classes scheduled as planned. Yards & Verizon members are welcome to come get snowed in with us!

Stay warm & safe everyone!