4 Ways To Make Your Resolution Stick!
Dec 29 2016

4 Ways To Make Your Resolution Stick!

By: Guest Blogger & Metropole Front Desk Manager Emily Lafferman

Before putting pen to paper in an attempt to solidify your New Year’s resolutions, give some extra thought to which are your resolutions versus your goals. When it comes to your health and fitness, your resolutions should be directed toward making positive changes to your lifestyle, like implementing a consistent diet, while your goals are specific accomplishments you’d like to achieve, such as taking cycling classes twice a week or beating your personal record on squats. To set your fitness gears in motion before 2017 hits, here are some helpful steps to finding the healthier you.


  1. Identify your weaknesses and setbacks.

This applies to physical weaknesses or postural imbalances, the flaws in your time management, or even the guilty pleasures in your diet. It won’t hurt to list them all. If getting around to things isn’t your strong suit, best start with a daily planner.

  1. Take advantage of your freebies!

If you haven’t already, make sure to redeem your VIDAFit and NutritionFit! These little perks of your VIDA membership pair you with a personal trainer who can provide a knowledgeable assessment of your physical needs, plus a meeting with a Registered Dietitian who can road map a diet plan that will compliment those goals. If you have already redeemed these, maybe it’s time to reach back out to your trusty VIDA health nuts for an updated evaluation.

  1. Start with smaller, more attainable goals.

Create a reasonable timeline for yourself so you don’t burn out too quickly. Gearing your priorities toward a fitness driven lifestyle takes time and slowly building that momentum will  help ensure success. So, if you haven’t been to the gym in a while or you’re still in a holiday slump, it’s time to ease your way back into a comfortable rhythm.

  1. Find your inspiration!

What about exercise makes you feel good? Aside from the obvious benefits to your mental health, physique, and quality of sleep, what gets you out of the house or away from your office desk and carries you to the gym? What makes your body move? Even if you know what you love but need an extra push to get past a plateau, take it upon yourself to try out different classes, find a favorite workout buddy to make your new swolemate, or even warm up your winter with some sauna and steam room time. Variety is key to seeing results, and it will also ensure you’re not bored with your routine come February 1st.
Whether you love to build your strength, your body, or just want to sweat out all the holiday cheat meals, VIDA is the golden ticket to the reaching both your 2017 goals and resolutions alike. Come see us for a workout this week!