Meet New Instructor Susie Zender at U Street!
Apr 8 2016

Meet New Instructor Susie Zender at U Street!

SuzieSusie Zender is a VIDA triple threat – as a former Membership Consultant turned Personal Trainer and now Group Fitness Instructor! You can catch her on the U Street floor training clients from the early hours to late at night most days out of the week and now teaching a Conditioning class Tuesdays at noon.

As a lifelong athlete growing up in Ohio, Susie played a variety of sports including soccer, swimming, diving, track & field and competitive cheerleading. She majored in Exercise Science at Cedarville University where she competed on the Track & Field team for sprint relays and pole vaulting, and decided to turn fitness into a career.

Susie started personal training in 2013 where she also worked as a Membership Consultant for a private health club in Dublin, Ohio. She easily made the transition to VIDA after moving to DC last year and trained at both U Street at Verizon as a Membership Consultant. Due to her outgoing and friendly nature, she was successful right off the bat with forming relationships and helping new members feel at home!

Despite her success as part of our membership team, Susie was passionate about putting her personal training background to use and helping people reach their individual fitness goals.

“I loved meeting new members and helping them get connected to the club, but I really missed being directly involved in the process of helping them become more fit. The personal trainer in me was just not satisfied sending people on their way without personally being there to help them reach their goals. It didn’t take long for me switch to the training department!” she says.

Being a former competitive athlete, Susie describes her training style as intense and challenging. She loves introducing new exercises to her clients and witnessing them achieve more than they thought they could.

“I love having clients with a variety of goals and abilities and being able to challenge them in new ways!” she says.

Due to her rapid success as a Personal Trainer at U Street, Susie was quickly approached to start teaching group fitness classes as well. She taught a few classes while in college at Cedarville, and was eager to get back into the group fitness environment!

“I recently started teaching Conditioning, and I really enjoy instructing several people at once at different fitness levels and abilities. It’s exciting not knowing who will be coming to class on a given day!” she says.

She’s big on using exercises that incorporate all major muscle groups, such as burpees, jumping jacks, boxing drills, etc., so come ready to break a sweat and sharpen up those athletic skills!

When Susie isn’t training, teaching or making new friends at the gym, she enjoys spending her free time outdoors.

“I love being outside and doing anything recreational – especially hiking and mountain biking. If I have to be inside I like to cook, play guitar and paint,” she says.

If you haven’t met Susie yet, stop by for Conditioning this Tuesday at noon!