Member Profile: Alex Isern!
Jun 30 2016

Member Profile: Alex Isern!

Alex Isern with trainer Kelly Moyers after some rowing action!

Alex Isern with trainer Kelly Moyers after some rowing action!

Alexandra Isern is one of our veteran Yards members who joined the VIDA family during our pre-sale period, and was one of the first to step foot in our shiny new facility in the Southeast. She quickly became integrated into the VIDA community, attending boot camp with VIDA Master Trainer Kelly Moyers twice a week and immediately noticing the changes her new membership was having on both her mind and body.

As someone who hasn’t always been active, Alex says the key to staying motivated with her workouts has been the constant variety Kelly provides in her classes, and the sense of belonging she’s found here at VIDA.

“I come from a pretty sedentary family and background, but joining VIDA and working with Kelly has kept me interested and motivated to keep coming back every day. I’ve gotten to know all the people here and it’s kind of my home away from home,” says Alex.

Her current regimen is pretty impressive – boot camp twice a week with Kelly, personal training once a week with Kelly, and boxing with fellow VIDA trainer Sam Yousefi twice a week to mix things up. Alex was one of the original boot campers at the Yards, and says she love that Kelly is constantly coming up with creative, fun workouts that she never gets bored with!

“Kelly is great at making sure we never do the same workout twice. Some days we’ll run stairs at the Nats stadium, some days we’ll do intervals around Capitol Hill. She’s great with form and safety, I’ve been coming six days a week for over a year and never had an injury!” says Alex.

Since starting at VIDA, Alex has lost over 25 lbs, gotten remarkably stronger, and has more energy than she ever has before. Her resting heart rate has also gone down drastically and her form has improved significantly.

Showing off that boot camp strength in some partner exercises!

“I’ve seen huge improvements in all her movements, her push-ups especially! Her range of motion has gotten so much better and she went from 2-3 days a week to six a week in no time at all. Her dedication is very inspiring,” says her trainer, Kelly Moyers.

Alex stresses that it wasn’t easy starting out, but she’s so glad she did.

“I’m 50 years old and after my first boot camp class I thought I was going to throw up! But I kept coming back because I really liked Kelly’s style, and it started getting better each time,” she says.

Aside from her great training rapport with Kelly, Alex says the VIDA environment is exactly what she’s always been looking for in a gym. She comes every day after work, gets her hair cut at Bang Salon, and says she showers more at VIDA than at home!

“The facilities are so beautiful and I love the demographic here. Not everyone is young and ripped, but everyone is friendly and feels like family!” she says.