Monday Morning Spin & Slay at Metropole!
Aug 31 2016

Monday Morning Spin & Slay at Metropole!

Colleen is ready to start your Monday morning strong!

Colleen is ready to start your Monday morning strong!

Feeling a little sluggish on Monday mornings? Colleen’s new 90 minute ‘Spin & Slay’ will wake you right up!

Starting this week, our early risers in Logan Circle will get to start their weeks off strong with an extended  Spin & Sculpt class: 45 minutes of cycling followed by 45 minutes of sculpting (slaying) in the group fitness studio!

Why the longer format? More time to get your heart rate up and to work all of the muscle groups, of course! Since we hit the legs hard in 45 minutes of cycling, the ‘Slay’ half will focus more on upper body and core exercises.

“This is an aggressive way to start the week, I know. But it’s full body fun: we get our hearts pumping and really wake up during those first 45 minutes on the bike. Then we challenge the muscles and get ourselves really working in the group fitness studio!” says Colleen Palomaa, Fitness Manager & Spin & Slay Instructor.

Aggressive may be a bit of an understatement for 90 minutes of non-stop sweating on a Monday morning, but Colleen keeps things upbeat, fun and energized so you’ll thank yourself for getting there!

“The reason I don’t hit snooze on Monday is because I know Colleen will have a party (that will kick our butt) waiting for us. Great music, great energy, great people…it’s literally the best way to start off the week!” says regular Spin & Slay’er, Eric Rosecrants.

Participants are encouraged to submit their favorite workout songs to Colleen before class, so you can guarantee to hear your favorite jams while sprinting to the finish or powering through that last rep!

“Love Britney? Done. Want Chainsmokers? You got it. Drake more your speed? We can do that,” says Colleen.

Class starts promptly at 6:15am in the Cycle studio, then transitions to Group Fitness at 7am. You can pop in for either half, or stay for the entire hour and a half of fun! With our newly added MYZONE screens in both studios, you’ll watch the MEPs rack up as your heart rate increases and recovers for a whole 90 minutes straight.

Colleen also changes up the exercises and drills every week, so you’ll never get bored with the format!

“Monday morning Spin & Slay is like a scratch off lottery ticket. You never know what you’re going to get, but you always win!” says Eric.

If you’re looking for a fun way to sweat out the weekend and start the work week strong, we’ll see you in the Cycle studio next Monday at 6:15am! Don’t forget to send in your song requests to!