Outdoor Boot Camp Is Back!
Mar 24 2016

Outdoor Boot Camp Is Back!

instagramOutdoorBootcampWarmer weather is finally here and the workouts have left the building! VIDA’s outdoor boot camp program has officially started, and we’re welcoming new members to join the fun!  Summer is right around the corner, and we want to help get your body ready to hang by the Penthouse Pool in just a few short weeks.

This 6-week program will keep you on track with your fitness goals as we near bathing suit season & celebrate warmer weather returning to the district. Now is the PERFECT time to commit to a fun but challenging training program that will keep you focused on your goals and build some new friendships along the way.

“Boot camp is a great way to build your strength, endurance, overall health and meet new people. Once you finish your first class you’ll get that burst of energy and confidence when you realize what you just endured and completed. Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self esteem,” says VIDA personal trainer and boot camp instructor Rafael Garcia.

If you’re new to boot camp, you can expect an intense but fun workout that improves strength, endurance and cardiovascular performance through body weight movements, partner exercises and conditioning drills. There are modifications offered for every exercises, so no matter what your fitness level and background is, you’ll get a great workout!

“Anyone can participate. It’s for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. There is no discrimination, as long as you have the will to finish what you started,” says Rafael.

If you sit in an office all day, this is a great way to start your morning with some Springtime fresh air and enjoy the outdoors before heading to work.  Plus, you’ll already have your workout done for the day, which means your evenings are free to enjoy those post-work happy hours!

Make this summer your strongest & fittest yet. Boot camp days/times vary by location, so fill out the form here and a membership consultant will assist you in scheduling your first session!