Yards Featured Instructor: Justin Jenter
Apr 27 2015

Yards Featured Instructor: Justin Jenter

Justin Jenter

Justin Jenter

We’d like to give a warm welcome to one of our newest spin instructors – Justin Jenter! Justin is one of our many member-turned-instructors (special thanks to Tami and Alexx for making that happen) and currently teaches spin twice a week at the Yards and once a week at Verizon.

After graduating from JMU last year with a degree in finance, Justin made the move to DC to work as a Compliance Analyst for Tempus, a foreign exchange solutions consulting firm downtown. He had worked for the campus gym at JMU during college, and quickly began looking for the right gym to join in the city.

“It’s definitely important for me to be in a fitness-minded environment. I had a few friends that recommended VIDA – and as soon as I visited I fell in love. It’s clean, convenient, and such a great community,” he says.

Justin was working out regularly at Verizon when he started chatting with Membership Director and fellow JMU Duke Alumni Alli Phillips about getting his teaching certification. He started training with Tami & Alexx, and with their guidance passed his audition with flying colors! By late February he was teaching his very first spin class at the Yards – an experience he says he’ll never forget.

“It was such a rush at first – kind of intimidating but such a cool experience. It was something I’ve never done before and was great to see people really working hard in my class. Having people say ‘great job’ afterwards was very rewarding,” says Justin.

Spinning has always come pretty naturally to Justin, who has several marathons and triathlons under his belt. He was an avid swimmer growing up and even competed in the Half Iron Man in 2012 (that’s a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run, for those who don’t know.) He’s also done his share of 50k’s – so you could say endurance is kind of his thing.

His current workout routine consists of daily lifting, however, and he uses his spin classes to get in his cardio.

“I want people to know that I’m working right there with them in class. I actually do put on gears and do the same workout as them. I like to challenge people while also challenging myself – I’m always dead by the end of my classes!” he says.

Now that he’s been a spin instructor for a few months, Justin describes his teaching style as more intense and less playful. He wants people to get the best workout possible and focuses on practical, traditional moves that serious outdoor bikers such as himself will actually benefit from.

He also keeps the music fresh every week so his riders don’t get bored.

“I always make sure each week has a new playlist. It’s part of my workout too so new music always helps me feel energized and ready to teach,” he says.

Justin adds that his experience teaching at VIDA has been incredible so far and he loves being able to push people and help them achieve their goals.

“VIDA is a really special place. I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of friends here,” says Justin.

When Justin isn’t working or teaching spin, he likes to explore DC’s nightlife, visit beer gardens with friends and travel as much as possible. He also loves seeing new faces in his classes – so feel free to pop in for spin this week!


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