Health & Nutrition
Jan 25 2016

New to the Fuel Bar: Lumi Juice!

Lumi juices are created using a cold-pressing process with hundreds of pounds of fresh, certified organic produce and ingredients.

Jan 21 2016

Same Boring Breakfast? 3 Ways to Spice Up One of Our Breakfast Staples

By Guest Blogger Danielle Pastula Breakfast is one of those meals where you either: don’t eat at all, always eat it on the go, or it’s your favorite meal of the day and you take breakfast very seriously. Given the primary D.C. lifestyle of go, go, go, we’re guessing you probably fall in to one…more

Jan 15 2016

Changes at the Fuel Bar!

Over the past year, we established a plan to offer healthier products at each VIDA Fuel Bar. We spent quite a bit of time identifying items we no longer wanted to sell based on their ingredients and nutritional value, and at the same time we spent many hours selecting and taste-testing new, healthier and tastier products that we hope you will love as much as we do!

Jan 14 2016

Leigh Delavan Joins the VIDA Nutrition Team!

Leigh Delavan is VIDA Fitness’s newest Registered Dietitian at our Metropole location. She specializes in creating customized nutrition plans for even the busiest DC socialites!

Dec 14 2015

Meet Our New RD at the Yards: Courtney Puidk!

Courtney Puidk is our brand new registered dietitian at our Yards location.